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Notimo Demos site

This website is a placeholder for Notimoo sample demos. Notimoo is a Mootools plugin for displaying Growl style notifications to your web visitors. Demo 1 Run this code // First of all I create a Notimoo instance with default configuration var notimooManager = new Notimoo(); // Showing a simple notification{ title: 'Testing notification', message: 'This is a sample notitication showing how easy is to use Notimoo.' }); // Showing a notification that does not disappear.{ title: 'Testing notification', message: 'This notification will not disapper on its own. You must click on it to close.', sticky: true }); // Notification with large text.{ title: 'Testing notification', message: 'This is a notification with a long text. If the message you provide does not fit into the notification size, Notimoo magically auto resize its height so all the content is visible.' }); // First of all I c