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Great Examples of Colorful Gradients and 3D Effects in Logos | Abduzeedo - design inspiration and tutorials

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gradients that look good? yes, it is possible
How to Use Photoshop Gradients Plus 600+ Gradients to Download | Best Design Options
In Photoshop, the gradient tool is one of the most useful especially when creating background, icons, buttons for the web and many other things. Today, let’s have a simple step by step tutorial on how to maximize the use of this Photoshop tool. At the end of this post, you well find plenty of resources that you can download and use for free in your designs. The gradient tool is grouped with the Pain Bucket Tool in the Tools palette usually located on the left side of the screen. And since gradient tool is not the default tool displayed in Photoshop, you have may either use the mouse or first press G and then Shift+G to alternate between the paint bucket tool (which is the default tool displayed) and the gradient tool. HOW TO ACCESS THE GRADIENT TOOL IN THE TOOLS PALETTE: Once the gradient tool is selected, an option bar will appear, which then offer you with options to make a new gradient, customize an existing gradient preset or upload more gradient presets to Photoshop. THE GRADI
Illustrator swatches gradient background effect | Veerle's blog
Gradient style
36 Color Gradient Sets For Photoshop and Resource Sites: Part 1 | Graphic and Web Design Blog - Inspiration, Resources and Tools
Links to sites with photoshop gradient links
Beautiful Gradient Effects On Web design - Research: Part 2 | Graphic and Web Design Blog - Inspiration, Resources and Tools
Gradient Effects On Web design
It’s Monday and beautiful time to get inspired with very good examples and research a little bit what’s happening behind the scenes from graphic designer view. This time I will showcase and analyze gradient effects used effectively in web-design and logo design creation. It’s very important to create and use subtle and eye-catchy color combinations and transitions to achieve modern and stylish effect. Maybe you haven’t noticed but light and shadow effects are widely used and it doesn’t necessary mean just color, but to bring greater effect, use textures and then put on them light but observable transparent color effects and you’ll see magic happening. Using light you can easily emphasize places and actually lead visitor’s attention from point to point using just color, illustrations, text size. After this short introduction I’ll start to share beautiful examples of web site designs which use such light,shadow and gradient effects in very good way.
30 Logo Designs Using Gradient 3D Effects - Inspiration:Part 3 | Graphic and Web Design Blog - Inspiration, Resources and Tools
- Inspiration:Part 3 | Graphic and Web Design Blog -
32 Handy Gradient Tutorials Using Photoshop And Illustrator:Part 4 | Graphic and Web Design Blog - Inspiration, Resources and Tools
n my opinion gradient effects are very hard to master, all the beautiful vector icons, illustrations are made on basis of good gradient usage. Gradient mesh tool in Illustrator is the most powerful one, learn how to use it correctly and understand what can be done with it. I found many beautiful tutorials and ordered them from instructional to intermediate tutorials to lead you easier through learning process. I think you should get great starting point here and even if you’re experienced designer, you should find some new tips here definitely. This article completes gradient article series, make sure you read through them all:
Gradient effects are hard to master,all the beautiful vector icons, illustrations are made on basis of good gradient usage and these tutorials are here to help!
How To Correct Banding In Your Gradients Using Photoshop - slodive
How To Correct Banding In Your Gradients Using Photoshop - slodive -
Einfach aber effektiv - wie man den Übergang des Farbverlauf.s in Photoshop fließender macht
Correct Banding In Your Gradients Using Photoshop
Design Resources & Inspiration
A tutorial that shows how to get rid of banding in gradients.
グラデーションをより滑らかにするPhotoshopのチュートリアル | コリス
Beautiful Gradient Typography in Web Design
Dragon Labs » Codename Rainbows
We use some JavaScript and CSS magic to apply a two-color gradient to any text. Shadows and highlights can also be applied.
Allows creating gradient texts
make gradient headers without img
rainbox gradient text
Applies gradient to HTML text via JS (jQuery) and CSS.
Gradient text creation
Drop-Shadows and Gradients: Be Consistent in Your Visual Metaphors | Webdesigner Depot
Drop-shadows and gradients are two of the most common design elements on the web. You’ll find them accompanying many different styles. They’re handy effects for web designers because they’re attractive, useful and easy to create with any graphics program. But they have a dark side: they’re frequently abused.
CSS3 Gradient Generator
The CSS3 Gradient Generator was created as showcase of the power of CSS based gradients as well as a tool for developers and designers to generate a gradient in CSS. CSS gradients generate an image result, meaning the result of a CSS gradient can be used anywhere an image can be used, be it a background-image, mask,border, or list item bullet.
The CSS3 Webkit Gradient Generator is a showcase for the power of CSS webkit gradients. It also provides a simple graphical user interface for working with CSS webkit gradients, allowing a user preview real time what their gradient will look like and provide the code for the gradient they generated.
20 Tutorials to Help Master Illustrator’s Gradient Mesh
Multiple Backgrounds and CSS Gradients -
Multiple Backgrounds and CSS Gradients - -
Speed Up with CSS3 Gradients | CSS-Tricks
WebKit browsers paved the way with CSS based gradients. Now Firefox 3.6 is out and is supporting them as well, which makes using them for progressive enhancement all the more appealing. More good news, CSS3 gradients fall into the camp where you can specify fallbacks (i.e. images) so that browsers that don’t support them just use the image instead. But wait… if you need to use an image anyway, why bother with declaring the gradient with CSS? That is kind of how I felt for a long time, but there is one important aspect that makes it worth it: browsers that support them don’t load the image fallback. One less HTTP Request = all the faster your site will load.
Linear Gradients
Awesome tool for applying some still-proprietary CSS3 styles to browsers that support them.
Webkit browsers have very different syntax for gradients.
Free interactive tool to quickly code CSS3 gradients.
25 High Quality Gradient Sets for Photoshop – 750+ Gradients - Speckyboy Design Magazine
My life needs more gradient shading.
sets for photoshop
High Quality Gradient Sets for Photoshop
55 Inspiring Examples of Gradients in Web Design | Inspiration
Cross-Browser CSS Gradient
Cómo hacer gradientes usando CSS3 que funcionen en Firefox, Safari, Chrome e Internet Explorer
gradiente por CSS em todos os browsers
Ajaxian » CSS Gradients in Action
มาดูตัวอย่างการเล่เฉดสีสวยๆ ใน CSS3 กัน
Gradients - Webkit only..
CSS3 Gradient Buttons
hover { text-decoration: none; } .button:active { position: relative; top: 1px;
Designing Without Gradients | Build Internet!
Designing Without Gradients | Build Internet!
Dragon Labs » Rainbows » The Demo
I downloaded the Demo Folder = DL Rainbows Demo . Companion to CSS-Trick button maker. May have more options but not an app.
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The Labs showcases some of our research and development with web technologies like JavaScript and CSS. We also release tutorials and resources to help other web developers enrich the web.
Texto em degrade
Ultimate Collection of Free Photoshop Gradients
Ultimate Collection of Free Photoshop Gradients -
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Demo: CSS3 Buttons
CSS Corners, CSS3 Gradient
WEBデザインをプロっぽく仕上げるPhotoshopのグラデーションファイルの厳選まとめ | 日刊ウェブログ式
WEBデザインをプロっぽく仕上げるPhotoshopのグラデーションファイルの厳選まとめ | 日刊ウェブログ式フォトショップのグラデーションファイルは作業を早めるのに役立ちますし、テンプレートだと色の参考にもなります。PhotoshopやGIMPの色合いが美しいグラデーションを厳選してまとめました。Photoshop GradientsNice photoshop gradient setDownload SourceUber Glos