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Google App Engine Blog: Seriously this time, the new language on App Engine: Java™

Java on Google App Engine
Today, we're very excited to announce the availability of a new programming language for Google App Engine. Please welcome the Java runtime!
Ruby on Rails on Google App Engine: Welcome aboard
Now RoR is supported by Google App Engine. What are you waiting for!?
Rails Primer for Google App Engine with JRuby
把 google appengine 包的更簡化....
"rails primer for google app engine"
Google App Engineのtips集 - スティルハウスの書庫
これはよさげ gae
"Datastoreのtips * Bigtableの内部構造 * BigtableによるDatastoreの実装 * Datastoreによるクエリの実装 * トランザクションとエンティティグループ * Datastoreのtips * List Proprtyとmerge joinの使い方"
ついに無制限に解放されたGoogle App Engine/Java。RoRやPHP、もちろんJavaも試そう - Blog on Publickey
せっかくなのでJavaを使ってみたい、という人には、@ITの記事をご紹介。Google App Engine/Javaの開発のためのJDKをGoogle App Engineにインストールし、手元のPCにはEclipseとプラグインのインストールから解説してくれます。後半ではBigtableデータの操作方法も。
Google App Engine for Java with Rich Ruby clients
they are blending the best of proper languages and markup languages. That there is no obfuscated code/bytecode (you ship Ruby to the "browser" app that will interpret it) is a good thing, it will dis
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無料かつ(おそらく)最速であなたのWebアプリケーションを世界に公開する方法 - スタジオズブリ
Google App EngineでRubyのSinatraをとりあえず動かすチュートリアル。DBはどうすんのかな。
Google App Engineを使って無料でサイトを立ち上げる方法 - EC studio 技術ブログ
EclipseでJava版App Engineを始めるための基礎知識 (1/3) - @IT
Scheduled Tasks With Cron for Python - Google App Engine - Google Code
manual for defining web services to run - schedule tells when to run which URLs and how often to do it
Use Google app engine to run server-side web scripts regularly - as per suggestion in
cron: - description: daily summary job url: /tasks/summary schedule: every 24 hours
django-gae2django - Google Code
gae2django is a Django helper application that provides an implementation of Google's App Engine API based on pure Django. The helper makes it easier to re-use applications originally designed for Google's App Engine environment in a Django environment. (If you want to run existing Django applications in Google's App Engine environment, then Google App Engine Helper for Django is the right choice for you...) - articles - Django 1.2 on Google App Engine
curl -L -o google-app-engine-django.tar.gz