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The Top 6 Game-Changing Features of Google Wave

Without a doubt, the product that has the entire web buzzing right now is Google Wave, the search giant’s newly announced communication platform.
The Top 6 Game-Changing Features of Google Wave [from]
Testing Google Wave: This Thing is Tidal
Mashable's review of Google Wave.
Mashable got their hands on an account for the demo version of Google Wave, and this in-depth review gives it an early thumbs up: "It’s already got certain aspects, like navigation, absolutely right. With some great 3rd party apps and greater customization, Google Wave could actually match its hype."
Cubicle Muses - Wave's Web of Protocols
Seems that most still believe Google Wave primarily uses XMPP to pass data around. Turns out, XMPP is only used for server to server federation. Joe Gregorio has a good overview of the actual APIs and protocols used in Wave, but I still found it easier to create a diagram
"If Google is serious about Wave replacing [everything], the client-server protocol has to be properly worked out."
Not just XMPP = that is server to server
Google Wave First Look - Google Wave - Lifehacker
Google Wave
If you're not one of the 100,000 lucky users who gets an invitation to Google Wave today, don't fret. You can check out Google Wave right here.
Google Wave First Look
A Complete Guide Google WAVE
Una guida di google wave - Potrà google Wave sostituire la mail?
Google Wave And The Dawn Of Passive-Aggressive Communication
Whether Google Wave succeeds is really irrelevant. More important is if the idea of Wave does. Again, the idea of passive-aggressive communication.
Die Umschreibung passiv-aggressiv ist in diesem Zusammenhang schlecht gewählt, aber sonst ist der Artikel auf TechCrunch eine gute Beschreibung für die Entwicklung der Online-Kommunikation.
Google Wave Use Cases: Education
Google Wave Guide: User Manual Released for Wave
Confused about how to use Google Wave, the new Google product that combines messaging, wiki-like features and group collaboration into a single app? You’re not alone. To clear up the confusion, we recently published Google Wave: A Complete Guide, a feature-length article that explains Wave in plain English. Now Gina Trapani and Adam Pash have gone a step further, releasing The Complete Guide to Google Wave. The book, which is available for free online, details all of Wave’s features – and some use cases – in 8 chapters. It’s a super-handy reference if you’re still stuck on how to get the most out of Wave. Recommended!
Google Wave Extension List
Google Wave vs Twitter at conferences | FreshNetworks Blog
Google Wave is going to take digitally-enabled conference back-channel a step further through collaborative sharing activities
Twitter has quickly become the must-have channel for conference back-chat. Reading what other people tweet during a speech provides an extra dimension as you get a sense of what the audience is thinking. And just like passing notes in class, it’s also a lot more fun than simply sitting and listening. (and empowering – remember that Facebook interview from SXSW’08?) Twitter is also a great way to attend a conference without actually being there – just follow a conference hashtag (e.g. #smib09 or #figarodigital) and find out all the gossip and the key points from the comfort of your desk. But watch out Twitter. Google Wave is going to take this digitally-enabled conference back-channel a step further.
Google Wave as a backchannel at conferences
Setting a twitter back channel during conferences is a way to communicate your thoughts to the rest of the crowd during a presenation. However at a recent conference the same functionality was completed using a Google Wave, except with Wave the attendees were also able to create note sheets for each speaker using the 'knowledge of the crowd', Wave + 1.
Back-chat during conference presentations using Gogle Wave and Twitter
A good comparison of Google Wave vs Twitter as platforms for conference communication.
7 Things You Should Know About Google Wave | EDUCAUSE
From the abstract: "The "7 Things You Should Know About..." series from the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) provides concise information on emerging learning technologies. Each brief focuses on a single technology and describes what it is, where it is going, and why it matters to teaching and learning. Use these briefs for a no-jargon, quick overview of a topic and share them with time-pressed colleagues."
5 Impressive Real-Life Google Wave Use Cases
Don’t Miss These 5 Things About Google Wave! « Bit Rebels
A few nights ago as I was playing on the wave, I learned how to embed video, MP3s, websites and many other very fun things that would make any self proclaimed geek super excited.
eLearning Blog // Don't Waste Your Time » Google Wave in education
Why Google Wave Sucks, And Why You Will Use It Anyway
Why Google Wave Sucks, And Why You Will Use It Anyway
The Complete Guide to Google Wave Is a Comprehensive Book on Wave - Google Wave - Lifehacker
Got an interest in Google Wave but have absolutely no idea where to get started? Try out The Complete Guide to Google Wave, a new (free) book written and edited by my pal and Lifehacker cohort Gina Trapani and yours truly.
Google Wave’s Little Secret: It Already Works On The iPhone
but without the Safari wrapper which allows
Hey Rob, Not sure if this is something you or your listeners might be interested in, but here's a link on how to run Google Wave on the iPhone, although it doesn't technically support mobile safari. Keep up the good work Renzo
Google Wave, the search giant's latest experiment in post-email communications, is hardly out the gate, with some of the first 100,000 private beta ...
Wave Gadgets - The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave
New Wave gadgets find their way into Wave every week, and as you saw above, finding them can be difficult. This section highlights some of our favorites and describes what they do.
The idiot's guide to Google Wave | News | TechRadar UK
But Wave is a revolutionary new way to keep in contact with people and collaborate on documents and could completely replace email.
The idiot's guide to Google Wave Because, admit it - you still have no idea what it's all about : TechRadar UK
Google Wave's Massive Potential for Business Users
Google Wave is an innovative new way for people to communicate and collaborate. Taking the time to understand Wave and how it works might be a worthwhile investment for business users. Here’s what Wave could mean for the future of business communication and collaboration.
Google Wave 私的まとめ - IT戦記