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boweryd: Most Exhausting Girl I Ever Knew, Ryan/Girl!Spencer, NC-17

"Stop being so stupid and stubborn already and take your pants off."
"You're such a romantic," Spencer says, wiggling under him. "How did I ever get so lucky?" "Spence," he says, suddenly serious. "Look. I want to. I want *you*. You know that, right?" She nods, biting her bottom lip and looking up at him a little hesitantly. "Now are you going to stop being mean to me and let me get you off?" He smirks at her, can't help it, and flinches away from the smack she throws at his arm. "Fine," she says, "but if this goes terribly wrong I'm going to say I told you so."
"I swear to god, Ross, I will break your scrawny ass directly in half."
I'll even read het as long as it's bandom genderswap THEY ARE THE SWAPS OF MY HEART
"If I tell you look beautiful right now, are you going to call me a dick?"
Awkwardly teenaged Girl!Spencer and way-too-smooth Ryan.