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How I Made a 1,474-Megapixel Photo During President Obama’s Inaugural Address | David Bergman -- ALL ACCESS -- sports, concert, and music photographer

Huge pano of Obama's inauguration
"My final photo is made up of 220 Canon G10 images and the file is 59,783 X 24,658 pixels or 1,474 megapixels. It took more than six and a half hours for the Gigapan software to put together all of the images on my Macbook Pro and the completed TIF file is almost 2 gigabytes." I think the photography aspect is more interesting than the Obama aspect. The level of zoomable detail is amazing!
Fullscreen Gigapan Viewer
Amazing panorama of the U.S. president giving his inauguration speech (try viewing full-screen on a 30" monitor!)
gigapan: President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address by David Bergman
An absolutely amazing high definition panoramic image of the inauguration. Try zooming in. Wow. - Large Size Panoramas
The world largest picture. The picture was made with the Canon 5D mark II and a 400mm-lens. It consists of 1.665 full format pictures with 21.4 megapixel, which was recorded by a photo-robot in 172 minutes. The converting of 102 GB raw data by a computer with a main memory cache of 48 GB and 16 processors took 94 hours. With a resolution of 297.500 x 87.500 pixel (26 gigapixel) the picture is the largest in the world. (stand December 2009)
It took 172 minutes on a rooftop to shoot 1655 overlapping 21.6 megapixel images and 94 hours to stitch them together. The result is not only a gorgeous 26 gigapixel view of Dresden, Germany, but also the world's biggest photo.
gigapan: Ant-Eutetramorium mocquerysi
This ant is from Madagascar, and is named Eutetramorium mocquerysi. The species is notable for having wingless queens that are indistinguishable from workers. This image is composed of 400 pictures, and it's magnified 400x using a scanning electron microscope. The ant was given to us to image by Brian Fisher ( an entomologist at the California Academy of Sciences.
gigapan: Dubai 45 gigapixels
RT @CanonFrance La nouvelle plus grande photo du monde fait 45 Mards de pixels, et c'est un pano de Dubaï en EOS 7D