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Introducing Opera Face Gestures
Opera's April Fool's joke for 2009, they added "face gestures" to the browser. Similar to mouse gestures, it allows you to navigate the browser by making faces at it. "At the moment soul-patches crashes the browser and it refuses to relaunch, we are looking into this problem. Bushmen beards and emo haircuts are not supported." » blog » jquery gestures
Mouse gestures for jQuery. The madness..
pseudo itouch gestures
Jquery gestures
Mausgesten per jQuery erzeugen und einbinden.
A mouse gesture library written soley in javascript with power and flexiblity to mould itself for you.
Super Gestures jQuery Plugin | EvanBot is the home to Evan Byrne who is a website designer from Lapeer, MI.
Be still my heart: multi-touch tab switching in Firefox!
Did you know you can switch tabs in Firefox by making a twisting motion with your fingers on a multi-touch surface? I did. ...
Did you know you can switch tabs in Firefox by making a twisting motion with your fingers on a multi-touch surface? I did. Turns out I’ve been doing it for months — I thought I was late to the party and was too ashamed to mention it to anybody for fear of an epic internet ribbing (”What, you just figured that out?”). But no, apparently it was top secret and highly experimental. That was in the beta, though; it looks like the official version has reduced it to a hack. Fortunately, mastering this multi-touch-enabling technique will allow you to tweak your gestures, resulting in everlasting glory.
This is awesome. Try it if you haven't already.
ignore the code: Gestures
@flo_muc problem 1 is no common vocabulary, problem 2 is UI that doesn't show verbs. @LKM just wrote about just that – Duncan Wilcox  (duncanwilcox)
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Way back when, computers used to only have command line interfaces. To get a PC to do anything at all, people had to memorize commands, and type them in correctly. But forcing people to memorize commands is not particularly user friendly. As a result, few people knew how to use computers, or wanted to learn. When graphical user interfaces became popular, people didn’t have to memorize commands anymore. Instead, everything they could do was shown on their screen. «Memorizing» was replaced with «recognizing». No longer did people have to memorize «cp» if they wanted to duplicate a file; they just had to look through the «File» menu and recognize the «Duplicate» command.
"In a way, gestural user interfaces are a step back, a throwback to the command line. Gestures are often not obvious and hard to discover; the user interface doesn’t tell you what you can do with an object. Instead, you have to remember which gestures you can use, the same way you had to remember the commands you could use in a command line interface."