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IP address geolocation SQL database | Share your knowledge!
IP address geolocation SQL database

Free downloadable IP address to long/lat SQL database
free IP address geolocation SQL database
IP Location tools :: IP Location Tools
IP Location tools
Make: Online : Free, unlimited IP address geolocation with MySQL
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For example, if you have an ip of (
IP address geolocation SQL database :: IPInfoDB
Complete (City)
The SQL database behind is offered for free. We offer the database in different formats (SQL, CSV), city or country precision, 3 or 4 IP digits precision and data in single or multiple tables. Available information in the database : ISO country code, country name, FIPS region code, region name, city, zipcode, latitude, longitude and GMT/DST timezone. The database is updated during the first week of each month.
GeoIP Weather
Früher habe ich aus dem Fenster geschaut. Dort war ein kleiner Thermometer angebracht, der zwar nicht wirklich gut ablesbar war - dafür meinem Körper aber sagte, ob ich frieren solle oder nicht. Heute kann man die Seite von GeoIP Weather aufrufen und bekommt zu seinem IP Standort das Wetter inkl. einer 5 Tages-Vorschau.
121. IPアドレスから所在地探し:ITpro
IP アドレスから地域を割り出す
Ajaxian » GeoFill - find users by IP or lookup and prefill forms for them
Free Geolocation API tool : CodeDiesel
Using PHP and cURL, pinging for the details of an IP address to nail down the city, country, zip, latitude, longitude etc, of a visitor