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IP address geolocation SQL database | Share your knowledge!
IP Address Geolocation Javascript API : JSON | The Code Dreamer IPAddressGeolocation AddressGeolocation ??? a??????
Make: Online : Free, unlimited IP address geolocation with MySQL
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For example, if you have an ip of (
How to calculate distance with javascript and Google Maps API / Brian Cray's Blog
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Cálculo de distâncias entre cidades
Yahoo! Placemaker™ Beta - YDN
Placemaker is a webservice that takes in text and returns the locations found within via either XML or enhanced GeoRSS
"Yahoo! Placemaker is a freely available geoparsing Web service. It helps developers make their applications location-aware by identifying places in unstructured and atomic content – feeds, web pages, news, status updates – and returning geographic metadata for geographic indexing and markup."
IP address geolocation SQL database :: IPInfoDB
Complete (City)
The SQL database behind is offered for free. We offer the database in different formats (SQL, CSV), city or country precision, 3 or 4 IP digits precision and data in single or multiple tables. Available information in the database : ISO country code, country name, FIPS region code, region name, city, zipcode, latitude, longitude and GMT/DST timezone. The database is updated during the first week of each month.
GeoMaker - Convert web sites and texts into Maps and Geo Microformats
GeoMaker creates microformats and maps from geographical information embedded in texts. You can either provide a URL to load and hit the "load content" button or start typing your own text and hit the "get locations" button to continue.
Online utility to convert web sites and texts into Maps and Geo Microformats.
GeoMaker creates microformats and maps from geographical information embedded in texts.
Extracts place names from web page text.
GeoFill - automatically filling form data with geo information
automatically filling form data with geo information
GeoFill - automatically filling form data with geo information
geo-location-javascript - Google Code
The geo-location-javascript framework gives access to mobile web users location via javascript. It hides the underlying platform specific implementation through a simple unified interface.
"javascript geo location framework for the mobile web"
A geo location javascript which determines user location in mobile web. Interesting piece of technology.
Ernest Marples' Postcode Latitude/Longitude Lookup API
Free, open postcode to location API
Post codes are really useful, but the powers that be keep them closed unless you have loads of money to pay for them. Which makes it hard to build useful websites. So we are setting them free. We're doing the same as everyone's being doing for years, but just being open about it.
GeoAPI Home
All your location needs in one API.
How To Play with Google Maps and Twitter API –
Nice one!
3 Free Ways to Geolocate By IP
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An article describing how to geo-localize IP.
Google Geo Developers Blog: Announcing Google Maps API v3
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"No keys required. You can now copy 'n paste code easily or embed in RSS readers, for example, without getting key errors."
Yahoo! GeoPlanet - YDN
Yahoo! GeoPlanet helps bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds by providing an open, permanent, and intelligent infrastructure for geo-referencing data on the Internet. This page provides open access to the underlying data under a Creative Commons Attribution license so that you can incorporate WOEIDs and the GeoPlanet hierarchy into your own applications. The zip file below contains a license file, a readme file, and three data files in tab-delineated, Unicode (UTF-8) format: 1. geoplanet_places_[version].tsv: the WOEID, the placename, and the WOEID of its parent entity 2. geoplanet_aliases_[version].tsv: alternate names in multiple languages indexed against the WOEID 3. geoplanet_adjacencies_[version].tsv: the entities neighboring each WOEID 4. geoplanet_changes_[version].tsv: the list of removed WOEIDs and their replacement WOEID mappings How Do I Get Started? 1. Learn more about GeoPlanet and WOEIDs by reading the GeoPlanet documentation 2. Download
Yahoo! GeoPlanet™ Data
Yahoo! GeoPlanet provides a resource for managing all geo-permanent named places on Earth.
Open Sourced geo data base. Download and use it!
Mapping The IP Address to Latitude and Longitude In Google Maps |
Mapping The IP Address to Latitude and Longitude In Google Maps | Subesh Pokhrel's Blog - Magento Development Tips,PHP,Google Maps -$ip&position=true
BatchGeo - Make google maps using many addresses / coordinates
a tool that can map a bunch of addresses from a spreadsheet or online table
Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Flickr Shapefiles Public Dataset 1.0
To the extent possible under law, Flickr has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the “Flickr Shapefiles Public Dataset, Version 1.0”. This work is published from the United States. While you are under no obligation to do so, wherever possible it would be extra-super-duper-awesome if you would attribute when using the dataset. Thanks!
Ajaxian » GeoFill - find users by IP or lookup and prefill forms for them