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Wolfram Blog : Exploring Logo Designs with Mathematica

Mathematica is a flexible tool for exploring graphic design programmatically. Study and manipulation of logos and fonts are featured in this example.
This is a very cool idea.
Twenty Sided » Blog Archive » Procedural City, Part 1: Introduction
Great series of blog posts about creating a 3d city scape.
Change of pace. In the last week I’ve had an idea clawing at the back of my head, and it’s clear the thing isn’t going to leave me alone until I do something with it. I don’t usually blog about my little programming projects (with the exception of the Terrain Project) because I like to imagine this site has some sort of focus, but the choice here is for me to blog about this or leave the site fallow for a week. So I’m blogging it. Perhaps you’ll find it entertaining anyway.
The creation of a procedurally generated cityscape
Fabrica Workshops
Bruce Sterling lecture & interview from 2008. At the beginning of part 3 of the interview he shows (but apparently doesn't attribute) my "grown" letter D (the MDD logotype).
interesting, and dry witted discussion from bruce sterling on generative art and physical forms created using these methods that look and work in ways never seen before. processing and sturgeon's law get a particular mention. via danpaluska.