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Family Tree Magazine - 101 Best Web Sites 2009

We’re marking the occasion by honoring 10 categories of 10 noteworthy sites each (plus one to make 101, of course). With this 10th roundup of meritorious sites, we’ve also sought to break the mold a bit and encompass more of the “Web 2.0″ sites that are paving the way for changes in online genealogy over the next 10 years. Something had to give, however, to keep our count at a manageable 101, so we’ve omitted some old favorites—still worth bookmarking, nonetheless—and several excellent foreign research sites of interest to genealogists with that particular ancestry. Sites that are mostly free but where you might still wind up pulling out your credit card for some purchase or other are marked with a $. Subscription-only sites and those where you have to pay for any meaningful results are indicated with $$
Best in 10 areas for searching family history (many free sites includes but also includes $$$ subscribed resources)
Family Tree Magazine - 101 Best Web Sites 2009
Top 10 Free Genealogy Websites to Find Ancestors
A few years ago, during a family reunion, I learned for the first time that my granduncle on my father's side had fought and died in World War II. The story of - Family History and Genealogy Records
Beta program to digitize records.