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The 3 DSLR Lenses You Need (and 2 More You'll Crave) - camera lenses - Gizmodo

DSLR Lens basics
A&P Mechanics Cable Key Ring
also watchbands, kevlar thread, tiny pen, etc
A&P Key Rings, They Do So Much. On A Visit To Our Local Airport We Noticed All The A&P (Airframe & Powerplant) Mechanics Were Sporting These Nifty Rings To Keep Their Keys And Small Tools Organized. We Thought They were So Cool We Had Some Made For Us. They Are Made From Stainless Aviation Cable With Brass Screws And Barrels. 6 Inch Cable 12 Inch Cable
If you haven't tried SilentEar, you haven't tried the best.
SilentEar (NRR 32) is the Highest Rated Reusable Ear Plug currently made anywhere in the world! - Snoring Relief Ear Plugs
recommended by four day work week
Baby Soda Bottles - Giant Test Tubes at Steve Spangler Science
Recommended by Mike Morreti for yeast storage.
good for TSA too!
Kinekt Design
cool gear ring
LumaLabs - Welcome
Camera strap
The Loop is a camera sling, an adaptation of the kinds of slings that infantry soldiers have long used to carry their rifles. It's not the first camera sling on the market. Our implementation, however, offers a minimal design that emphasizes comfort and flexibility within a minimal aesthetic. Nothing is included that isn't essential.
Nice product, nice product website.
Slick camera strap from Luma Labs.
Luma Loop camera strap (like a y-strap only it looks better made)
Kinekt Design
Manufacturers of the Gear Ring, a ring that is a miniature machine made of gears and wheels.
Gear Ring
Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag Best Seller!
Lifehacker - The Gear and Tactics from Lifehacker's Laptop Bags - laptop bags
BlackRapid: RS-1 Strap