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Photojojo » Schlieren Photography: How to Photograph the Invisible

would LOVE to do this
Ever taken a picture of a cough? Not just somebody coughing. No, we mean the actual air currents as they’re being expelled. Well, they just did it at Penn State, thanks to the magic of schlieren photography.
Schlieren Photography: How to Photograph the Invisible
YouTube - Mythbusters - Fun With Gas
Adam explains why helium makes your voice sound higher... with examples, of course.
This video would be a fun start to a discussion of gas and density in chemistry. It could also be used when doing sound waves in physics.
VOice changing with helium and sulphur hexaflouride
Mythbusters - Fun With Gas. New episodes air Wednesdays @ 9PM ET only on the Discovery Channel! Get more video at Adam demonstrates how (and explains why) helium turns you into Donald Duck, and sulfur hexafluoride into Satan. From: DiscoveryNetworks. Views: 1201339. 5581 ratings. Time: 00:39. More in. Entertainment.