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Charlie's Diary: LOGIN 2009 keynote: gaming in the world of 2030

Charlie Stross waxes on the future of gaming from the perspectives of technological progress, social change, and you. "I don't want to predict what we end up with in 2020 in terms of raw processing power; I'm chicken, and besides, I'm not a semiconductor designer. But while I'd be surprised if we didn't get an order of magnitude more performance out of our CPUs between now and then — maybe two — and an order of magnitude lower power consumption — I don't expect to see the performance improvements of the 1990s or early 2000s ever again. The steep part of the sigmoid growth curve is already behind us. Now that I've depressed you, let's look away from the hardware for a minute... Let's consider the consequences of ubiquitous terabit per second wireless data. The quiet game-changing process underneath the radar is going to be the collision between the development of new user interfaces and the build-out of wireless technologies."
Charles Stross predicts the future of technology and gaming
Retro Futurism At Its Best: Designs and Tutorials | Inspiration | Smashing Magazine
Diseños retrofuturistas... muy interesante
Concepts of the future for the way we live our lives have been expressed in forms of art, design, movies, comics, and even cartoons. For
Singularity Hub
really good stories about the future. unique content
This may be a source (past, present, and future) of good material to challenge the assertions of what it means to be human.
Blog about singularity, nanotech, AI and all that good sf stuff.
173 Radical Retrofuturistic Designs & Technologies | WebUrbanist
Future Past: 173 Radical Retrofuturistic Directions in Design & Technology
Amazing Retro Futurism Design Showcase & Tutorials
Check out this collection of amazing examples of modern takes on the retro futuristic style, plus a range of tutorials on how to create a design of your own.
Cores, luzes e formas. Posteres inspiradores em retro futurismo. Tron style! Lindo mesmo... Bem vintage.
Seed: The True 21st Century Begins
In cold fact, a financial crisis is one of the kindest and mildest sorts of crisis a civilization can have. Compared to typical Italian catastrophes like wars, epidemics, earthquakes, volcanoes, endemic political collapse — a financial crisis is a problem for schoolchildren.
Bruce Sterling text on design, futurism and stuff.
funny, brilliant man
We create and distribute original Science is Culture content that communicates science's fast-changing place in our culture to an international audience. Our mission is to help nurture a science-savvy global citizenry by increasing public interest in science and public understanding of science.
"Eight years late, the 20th century has finally departed us this year. It will never return." bruce sterling's optimistic piece on what we're collectively in for next.
Ed Pilkington meets Ray Kurzweil, the man who predicts future | Technology | The Guardian
The head of Google's new university, Ray Kurzweil believes the advance of technology will solve the energy crisis, upgrade the human genome and even lead to everlasting life - no wonder he is so optimistic
In the land of Kurzweil, the possibility of reprogramming the body is not a dry academic theory, it is a blueprint for how to lead your life.
Reducing the Risk of Human Extinction
Singularity 101 with Vernor Vinge | h+ Magazine
Imagine everyone having the same level of intelligence. What would set us apart then?
h+ Magazine Spring 2009 Issue
12 Events That Will Change Everything, Made Interactive: Scientific American
Eventi che cambieranno il mondo
This Web-only article is a special rich-media presentation of the feature, " 12 Events That Will Change Everything ," which appears in the June 2010 issue of Scientific American . The presentation was created by  Zemi Media . Find all our other interactive offerings here .
Futuristic mega-projects by Shimizu ::: Pink Tentacle
[Pink Tentacle] Floating cities, mega-structures. space hotels - it's all here.