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31 Contemporary & Creative Book Shelves | Home Interiors Zone

Creative Book Shelves
Here are 31 more creative book shelve designs from the world’s best designers, that will inspire and provide you new and fresh ideas for your home.
How to Make and Install Hungarian Shelves
First time I saw these shelves was in Budapest, at a friends apartment. I was told they had been designed by a physicist. That's why I think they are safe. The ones in the photos have been up for more than a year now.
Необычные предметы в обиходе (30 фото) » elLf houSE - сайт, который вас радует!
142 Creative Unique Modern Furniture Designs | WebUrbanist » Modern Showers and Creative Shower Heads
Sliding pants rack
great projects
I bought a wardrobe from ikea to store my work clothes in. While walking around at ikea, I came across a Pax wardrobe w...
Factory 20 : Factory 20
You want some vintage furniture? This place looks amazing.
love their furniture
old factory things made into furniture $$$$$
antiques dealer... changing inventory
IKEA | Download planner
3-D of your bedroom, office, kitchen
This is a cool tool to spaceplan/lay out the interior of your home or building. Really really cool stuff.
Make your dream room a reality
Downloads: IKEA Planner Visualizes Your Dream Rooms in 3D
IKEA has released its own 3D room design tool to help you plan the modernist, clean-lined kitchen, bedroom, or workspace of your dreams.
OfficePOD®. Changing the way people work. Welcome to the next generation of workplace
Being an OfficePOD user will bring a positive change to life. A chance to cut down on commuting, to be more productive, to spend more time at home but at the same time keep your work separate. A major way to getting a better balance into your life. (Será?)
The ability to work from home is a trend that is here to stay. Technology allows it, legislation permits it and employers often now encourage it. An OfficePOD provides a working environment that is separate to home life. The hassle free OfficePOD service deals with everything from site survey and installation through to customer services and POD relocation in the case of moving house or employer.
Pretty amazing outdoor office furniture designed to help the environment.
インテリア・雑貨を紹介しているステキなブログまとめ│雑貨ノート - オシャレな雑貨とインテリア
インテリア・雑貨を紹介しているステキなブログまとめ│雑貨ノート - オシャレな雑貨とインテリア
LittleDiggs -
Small spaces livable — 500 sq ft or smaller.
blog little homes
How To: Build a Custom Ergonomic Computer Desk - Simplified Building Concepts - Safety Products and Solutions
I need ergo
Stylish and easy to make bookshelf
I'm quite happy with that fact that the first piece of furniture I built is a bookshelf. I wanted to make something large enough to keep all my books, and stylish at the same time. The design I like is somewhat futuristic, with plenty curved lines and you can see that in this shelf. Generally it looks as if it was a part of the wall, or came out of the wall.
If you're looking for some budget-friendly shelving, this DIY solution will definitely look more elegant in your living space than some shop shelves from the hardware store. This particular mortise style shelving unit requires less wedging but a finer use of a saw blade—assuming, of course, you want the really cool wave in your vertical braces. The entire project requires nothing more than a few boards, long screws, a drill, and a jigsaw. Paint or varnish is optional, depending on the cut and quality of wood you use a simple clear coat might suffice. The entire affair is held against the wall with only three screws, the bottom of the braces rest on the floor to distribute the load, and the screws are hidden within the mortise joints. In regard to the stability and strength, the author of the Instructable SimonF notes that since he wrote the tutorial and took the photo you see here he has loaded even more stuff on the shelves without any issues.
Autodesk Project Dragonfly
Online Room Planner
3D room design tool from Autodesk. Experimental.
Bluelounge - StudioDesk
Ikea Hack: STRIPA Shoe Rack
Two closely positioned shelves cradle the toes of shoes and hold them elevated against the wall.
grid design with Flash
列の長さによってスクロールスピードを変えてあって、 上端と下端がビッタリ揃うようになっている。 スクロールが気持ち気持ち悪い。
Teruhiro Yanagihara was born in 1976 in Kangawa Prefecture, Japan. After graduating in space design from Osaka University of Art in 1999, he established his own design company, Isolation Unit.
nice flash
Lifehacker - Turn a Bookshelf into a Secret Passage - Home office
"Lifehacker reader agmk and his girlfriend hated the look of their cluttered home office and computer den. It seemed like even when the rest of their place was clean, their home office was always a little bit too messy. In an effort to make it easier to hide the nook that served as their home office they turned some Ikea bookshelves they scored off Craigslist into a pretty awesome office-concealing secret doorway."
Dude makes a batman-style hiding passageway on the cheap
How to Buy a Mattress * Get Rich Slowly
tips from someone in the mattress business
Awesome collection of chairs.
ikea hacker: TV shelf with door stoppers for legs
mahna mahna factory
JAPAN onlineshopping
factoryはファッションとインテリアの融合を目指して、mahna mahna グループがオープンしたインテリアのレンタルショップです。
IKEA Catalog anno 1965 « ikke tikke theo
Ikea Catalog from 1965 - awesome Premiumdesign zu Fabrikpreisen
günstige, hochwertige Möbel
Decorati | Access to Interior Design & Home Decorating Advice, Services and Products
Interior design online. Browse designer portfolios, get design advice from professionals, shop trade products from Schumacher, Duralee, Robert Allen, and many more.
Furniture Shopping Secrets: How to Tell Superior from Shoddy * Get Rich Slowly
Lifehacker - The Innovative Office - Workspaces
Architect's home office!
Scrap Table
There are many methods for laminating wood -- this project focuses on a down-and-dirty method for those of us who do not own a lot of pipe clamps and other heavy duty hardware for wrestling with wild wood.  It is about ten feet long by thirty inches wide, sitting about thirty inches off the ground.  If you can salvage the wood, the other materials aren't too expensive: five threaded rods, about four bucks each; nuts, washers, and screws; a gallon or so of wood glue; sandpaper; and polyurethane.  All told, it was less than one hundred dollars.
There's a lot of wood out in the world free for the taking -- in dumpsters, back alleys, vacant lots, abandoned buildings, recycling yards, and architectural salvage centers. Most wood, if free from rot, is just as strong, durable, and good to use as new wood, once you sand off the weathering. This table was made from all salvaged wood -- both dimensional lumber and plywood, mostly taken from decaying buildings in and around Hale County, Alabama.
recycled wood
HandymanWire - Building a Folding Table
Simple instructions for creating a simple folding wooden table from a single plank and some small hardware bits.
Built In Book Cases
May December Home: Invisible Bookshelves
You've all seen these invisible bookshelves, right?
moderncat :: cat products, cat toys, cat furniture, and more…all with modern style » IKEA Hack from Stockholm
Most Popular Featured Workspaces of 2009 - Featured Workspace - Lifehacker
IKEA Vika Gruvan
Every week we bring you fresh workspaces from the Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell pool, all supplied by you—the awesome Lifehacker readership. Today we're highlighting the 25 most popular workspaces of 2009.
Modern Prefab Buildings & Flat Pack Furniture | WebUrbanist
Prefabricated buildings and flat-pack furniture blend creative designs with sustainable style using portability, modularity and the possibility of mass-production.
site of a woman who freelances visual merchandising for anthro
estudio de NY, que hace decoraciones manuales
18 Creative Modern Beds and Bed Designs | WebUrbanist
ill beds...some shit is weird though, can't fuck with the constraining shit
poodle ramp!
These groundbreaking modern (and postmodern) beds and be designs seem to work to free themselves from convention, predictability and even gravity.
Knock Off Wood
ikea hacker: Put a cat litter box at the entryway?
The first thing that comes to mind - "No way!" Kitty's poo-poo palace is not the best thing to greet you the moment you open the door and ... what about the smell? But as we see, hackers have found a way to cleverly disguise litter boxes. Here are two, that can make an entrance to any landing space.
CR Blog » Blog Archive » Step into my cardboard office…
Step into my cardboard office…
CR Blog - news and views on visual communications from the writers of creative review
CR Blog » Blog Archive » Step into my cardboard officeâ¦
Escritório feito em reboard
Herman Miller Embody Review: The Best Chair We've Ever Sat On
$1600, a comprehensive and efficient research, communication and advertising platform for the building & design industry.
a comprehensive and efficient research, communication and advertising platform for the building & design industry.
Received this from Frances as a design reference.
" is a comprehensive and efficient research, communication and advertising platform for the building & design industry."
On Location - One Room Configured 24 Ways -
"This room — the “maximum kitchen,” he calls it — and the “video game room” he was sitting in minutes before are just 2 of at least 24 different layouts that Mr. Chang, an architect, can impose on his 344-square-foot apartment, which he renovated last year. What appears to be an open-plan studio actually contains many rooms, because of sliding wall units, fold-down tables and chairs, and the habitual kinesis of a resident in a small space. As Mr. Chang put it, “I glide around.”"
Gary Chang's transforming apartment in Hong Kong
How to use minimal apartment space to best effect
Really awesome creative use of a very small space.
would love to see a video of this
A tiny Hong Kong apartment is a model of flexible living, featuring sliding wall units and fold-down tables and chairs.
The City Sage
Your Office Chair Is Killing You - BusinessWeek
Well I am screwed...
"Much of the perception about what makes for healthy and comfortable sitting has come from the chair industry." / "Chaise longues are good options."
Meet public enemy No. 1 in today's workplace.
Beautiful furniture made to order - without the designer price tag |
Designer furniture at 50 to 80% discount. Without middlemen, you save when you buy sofas, armchairs, tables and more.
Build Blog » Couch Cushion Architecture; A Critical Analysis
photographed coffee table book of children's sofa forts?
from Build Blog.
Bookshelf Porn: Archive
Bookshelf Porn
Mood Board Creator by Olioboard
put interior design items on a "board' to see if they go together
MoodBoard-creation web tool
online design board!!!