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The Lost Principles of Design | Fuel Your Creativity

In the instant design age many of us often stray away from the basics in design. If you had a professor in college who taught you the fundamentals of design these may be engrained into your skull. For the self-taught, you may have a book on your desk with these very principles that you refer to on a daily basis. However, the more and more people that flood the internet for design content need to learn the basics before trying to make a stellar gradient in Photoshop. While this is cool and amazing right now, there will come a point where this style is left behind and a new style is made. In history, this lesson has repeated itself with movements like the Bauhaus and Swiss Modernism and will soon label our current trends as part of history. The fundamentals of design will however, never change. They are the glue that holds the industry together and we need to learn & take them to heart.