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20 Great PHP Libraries You Need to Know | KomunitasWeb

"You’re in the middle of a project, and need to get everything done as soon as possible. To keep the deadline and still have a life, you would better to collect this awesome library on your fingertip. By knowing this library capability, then you’ll know when to use any of them."
Functions overview - PHP.JS
Use PHP functions in JavaScript
php functions converted to js
5 Useful WordPress Functions You Didn’t Know Existed — Nathan Rice
In the Woods - 9 Useful Snippets for Your WordPress Functions
Named function expressions demystified
An article about named function expressions in Javascript
different ways of defining functions
Theoretical and practical aspects of Javascript's named function construct
Surprisingly, a topic of named function expressions doesn’t seem to be covered well enough on the web. This is probably why there are so many misconceptions floating around. In this article, I’ll try to summarize both - theoretical and practical aspects of these wonderful Javascript constructs; the good, bad and ugly parts of them.
JavaScript, 5 ways to call a function - Sergio Pereira
An awesome article by Sergio Pereira - that talks about functions and scope in javascript
10 Really Helpful Traversing Functions in jQuery - Nettuts+
Traversing Functions in jQuery
Function Web Design & Development Blog - » Revisited: Creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress
My next web design will have a place for Blogs!
A wonderful way to add many types of custom information to your WordPress blog.
10 PHP functions you (probably) never use
**PHP** MD5 - pack()
When scripting in PHP, we often restrict ourselves to a limited number of API functions: the common ones, like print(), header(), define(), isset(), htmlspecialchars(), etc. If some needed functionality doesn’t exist, we often write it making use of these basic components which we have in mind. The PHP API actually offers a lot of functionality, some useless and some useful; often seldom used. I have been looking through the available functions and was interested to find some really cool functions that I should have known about. Here, I share my findings.
The Ultimate Excel Cheatsheet
extensive help for excel user
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Keyboard Shortcuts, Function cheatsheets, Formula cheatsheets, Tips and VBA sample code
WordPress functions.php Template with 15 Essential Custom Functions | Digging into WordPress
default 55-word limit, this function enables you to specify any length for your excerpts.
As we explain in the book, enabling threaded comments requires adding a snippet of code into your <head> area just before the wp_head tag. After a little experimenting, I discovered that you can include this snippet from the functions.php file:
9 Useful PHP Functions and Features You Need to Know | Nettuts+
Great read on necessary PHP Functions
25+ Extremely Useful Tricks for the WordPress Functions File
Some of the most incredible, most wanted, and extremely useful tricks for the WordPress functions.php file. Speed up your development now.
Very useful snippets
functions.php の編集 Tips
9 Magic Methods for PHP | Carsonified
construct, destruct, get, call, etc.
RT @draenews: Del 9 Magic Methods for PHP | Carsonified: