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K. Scott Allen : Function.apply and in JavaScript

function.apply and .call control the scope of the this keyword
Function.apply and
Named function expressions demystified
An article about named function expressions in Javascript
different ways of defining functions
Theoretical and practical aspects of Javascript's named function construct
Surprisingly, a topic of named function expressions doesn’t seem to be covered well enough on the web. This is probably why there are so many misconceptions floating around. In this article, I’ll try to summarize both - theoretical and practical aspects of these wonderful Javascript constructs; the good, bad and ugly parts of them.
jQuery Function Builder - a quick jQuery syntax function generator | Developer Tools | Accessify
Really useful tool for building jquery functions :)
JavaScript, 5 ways to call a function - Sergio Pereira
An awesome article by Sergio Pereira - that talks about functions and scope in javascript
PHPの開発効率を上げる10個の関数 - PHP,MySQL,Flexな日々+イラストとか
for 文と無名関数のイディオム - IT戦記
array for lambda function
Function’less event handlers in jQuery - James Padolsey
RT @jquery: Tutorial: Function’less event handlers in jQuery - [nice article!] [from]