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BBC NEWS | Technology | Stephen Fry: The internet and Me

>> And the press are already struggling enough - God knows they've already lost their grip on news to some extent. If they lose their grip on comment and gossip and being a free PR machine as well, they're really in trouble. <<
Stephen Fry speaks to BBC Radio 4's Analysis about why he believes the web is such a wondrous thing.
As is usually the case with Our Lord Stephen Fry - ne'er was a truer word spoke about that place we spend our days and nights - the internet
Stephen Fry on living with the internet, and enjoying it.
Stephen Fry - wit, writer, raconteur, actor and quiz show host - is also a self-confessed dweeb and meistergeek. As he confesses "If I added up all the hours I've sat watching a progress bar fill up, I could live another life." His feed on the social networking site Twitter is one of the most popular in the world. He spoke to BBC Radio 4's Analysis about why he believes the web is such a wondrous thing.
Self-confessed technology geek Stephen Fry tells BBC Radio 4's Analysis programme why the world wide web is a wondrous thing.
BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Stephen Fry on joys of Twitter
Stephen Fry has become a huge fan of Twitter, a social networking service that thousands of people have signed up to, including many celebrities. He says he now has 50,000 'followers' who give him advice such as how to deal with a bat on the loose in his house...
Video clip. Fry explaining why he uses Twitter.
I've always struggled when other people ask 'What's Twitter?' Now I'm just going to send them this link to a short video of Stephen Fry perfectly encapsulating what Twitter is, how it works and why it's good.
Peter Samuelson, interviewer. 29 April 2010.