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Professional Frontend Engineering - NETTUTS

Video - seminar on front end engineering. best practices, naming conventions, etc.
Nate Koechley: "Professional Frontend Engineering" on Yahoo! Video
provides a good explanation of frontend web development
Front end
[transcript: ] This YUI Theater entry captures one of the courses Nate has taught at Yahoo, "Professional Frontend Engineering." It covers the foundations of the discipline, some of its core ideas, and...
10 Rules of Front End Coding | Fuel Your Coding
Why front-end developers are so important to the future of businesses on the web -
This means job security for me. ;)
to the future of businesses on the web
If anyone ever wanted to understand my role in 'making websites' read this now!
The Guardian's Paul Carvill on the importance of front-end development. If you've ever found yourself trying to justify why you need more time to do your job and why it's not just 'pushing pixels', this opinion piece should give you plenty of ammunition.
Website Maintenance Tips for Front-End Developers - Smashing Magazine
UI개발자를 위한 웹사이트 메인터넌스 팁
Website Maintenance Tips for Front-End Developers
great resource of tools and tips to help you get more out of your web design
Easy front-end framework
Skew, The Frontend Engineer's Misery @ Irrational Exuberance
"With limited influence, unlimited hands in the pie, a low barrier to critique, and the perception of triviality, frontend engineers are the janitors of software development. Rather than cleaning up trash, the boulder they toil beneath is skew: the distance between team member's conceptions of a project."