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Fuck the foundries [dive into mark]

Dynamic web fonts are coming. Actually they’re already here, but most of Our People haven’t noticed yet. But they will, and that’s going to be a huge boon to somebody.
The more I read about embedded web fonts, the more I crystalize my thinking. Take, for example, this latest “A List Apart” article where Jeffrey Zeldman interviews David Berlow: Zeldman: Let me put it another way. I want to use your ITC Franklin in a site I’m designing, but I’m not willing to violate my end user licensing agreement. How do we resolve this impasse, from your perspective? Berlow: The next step is for those who control the font format(s) to define and document a permissions table to be added with all due haste to the OpenType, CoolType, TrueType, and FreeType formats. … Zeldman: How can type designers and web designers work together to persuade the engineers who control the formats to modify the code to include a permissions table? Berlow: [W]eb designers flat-out refused to part with real type, which has filled the web with type as graphic files, scaring the bejesus out of a lot of engineering people. … How important dynamically rendered type is to de
Your Fonts are superior to Our Fonts in every conceivable way, except one: WE CAN’T FUCKING USE THEM
Mr. Pilgrim at his best :)
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Mini Fonts - a nice collection of subpixel fonts