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101 Absolutely Breathtaking Infrared Photographs - Tutorial9

This post highlights 101 of the most stunning infrared photographs on the web, and also suggests reading materials and equipment photographers should look through for taking infrared photos of their own.
Infrared Photographs
Photo laboratory ( - Free Stock Photo /
A resource for finding stock photographs
banco de imagens em alta
Curso de tratamiento de imágenes con Gimp — IMH
Curso básico del uso de la herramienta de software libre Gimp. Excelente!!!!!
Un curso muy bueno para aprender trucos básicos de GIMP
manual tutorial
100 amazing iPhone photos :: Photocritic photography blog
i'ts beautiful :)
100 fotos asombrosas tomadas vcon un iphone
100 amazing iPhone photos - some of these are actually stunning:
Shinichi Maruyama
art photography portfolio japan water
Artist Portfolio
21 Fantastic Examples Of Brilliant Photography With Humor @ SmashingApps
صور جميلة جدا
Silly birds can't read signs. For great photos with humor...
Photography can become more interesting and inspiring when it has creativity and humor as well . Today, we are showing you 21 Fantastic Examples Of Creative Photography With Humor.
Pin-Up Picture list
근데 딱히 와닿지는 않네. 동북아시아쪽은 없나.
Clark Little Photography, Hawaii
Photographer & Artist Clark Little official website. Online store for purchasing prints, artist bio & latest news. Based on the North Shore of Hawaii, Clark Little's surf photography captures the power, mystery and array of colors found in barrels and tubes. Gallery of photographs are available in prints and limited editions.
fotografias de tubos de ondas.
Missy; Suicide Girls; Girls; ; Photos
My Photography Workflow 2009 | Thomas Hawk Digital Connection
Last year I wrote a blog post detailing my photography workflow. Since last year though my workflow has changed a bit as I've migrated from Adobe's Bridge
Photojojo » 10 Online Photography Magazines We Love
Look at some nice photography online. :)
Shooting Portraits like a Pro On a Budget
great ideas
In this post portrait photographer Alexis Godschalk shares some tips on shooting studio like portraits on a budget by talking us through a shoot he did with a band recently. portraits-budget.jpg When I started doing photography years ago, I really wanted to shoot fantastic shots, I wanted to make sure that my photographs would be considered for a gallery showing. All I had was Canon 10D and a flash. Most of what I shot was candid and in the style of photo journalism and even though this was fine I wanted more. What kept me from shooting clean studio like portraits was the mistaken belief that I needed loads of expensive equipment. One day a friend of mine approached me about photographing his band. He had just gotten new management and wanted to make the band band look pro. He started by showing me some photography he liked and we started talking about what could and could not be done. One of the shots he like was a clean shot with dramatic lighting again a black background. I told
** to read **
Stuart Gibson Photographer. Tasmania, Australia.
best surfpics ever!
Deep Sleep Magazine
Photography magazine
Deep Sleep is a quarterly online photography magazine founded by and featuring work from a small group of contributors who share the same office space in Shoreditch, London.
29 Amazing Long Exposure Pictures | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
29 Amazing Long Exposure Pictures Fotos espectaculares
Victor von Salza
78 Photography Rules for Complete Idiots
78 funny photography rules and useful advices created by latvian photographer Ivars Gravlejs
78 funny photography rules and useful advices created by latvian photographer Ivars Gravlejs Includes photographic examples
78 funny photography rules and useful advices created by Ivars Gravlejs
Szeroki Kadr – Poradnik
Szeroki Kadr – serwis edukacyjny poświęcony fotografii
Flickr Lightroom Preset Extractor
Flickr Lightroom Preset Extractor
Flickr Lightroom preset extractor.
QinetiQ - Life can be a pain!
muito legal! entre nas fotos com o mouse...
Foto Interativa.
Bitácora de jEsuSdA: TUTORIAL GIMP: Retoque facial profesional
"Vamos a retocar una imagen de una chica para potenciar su belleza… y tal vez acomplejar al resto de chicas normales que aún se creen que las famosas de las revistas son así como las pintan (sin arrugas, sin lunares, sin celulitis…)."
tutorial de retoque de fotos con gimp
Looks like it's en espanol, but I'll bet I can figure it out well enough to get some good ideas on retouching photos.
Winners gallery 2009 - World Press Photo
World Press Photo: Winners gallery 2009
"Winners gallery 2009 - World Press Photo"
The winners for each category.
Mambo - the dynamic portal engine and content management system
Fotos ganadoras del año 2008.
Técnica definitiva de recorte de cabelo - Fabio Lody - Photoshop
Técnica definitiva de recorte de cabelo - Fabio Lody - Photoshop -
Five Great Flash Techniques To Improve Your Photography Light |
5 DIY Flash Techniques To Improve Your Photography - - I really want to try the LED ring light trick. [from]
Web de jEsuSdA 8) | Tutoriales de Diseño Gráfico con Gimp
Colección de Tutoriales de Diseño Gráfico con Gimp de jEsuSdA
10 excelentes bancos de imágenes gratuitas
10 bancos de imágenes
Rollip - Create Polaroids from your photos!
(no description)
Welcome to the World Press Photo Contest Archive
Archivo de los Premios World Press Photo desde 1955 a hoy.
For over fifty years the World Press Photo contest has captured images of our times. Our archive of winning photos is not only a record of more than half a century of human history, but a showcase of successive styles in photography and reportage. The archive gallery comprises some 10,000 images. It includes photos that have become icons, by some of the leading names in the profession. World Press Photo has put them online with the aim of sharing our knowledge, resources and experience with the widest possible network. This site was made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Foundation and VSB Foundation.
Captured Photo Collection » Color Photography from Russia in the Early 1900’s Photos
Early (1906-1915) Color photography from around the russian empire (beta), a new way to exhibit, buy, sell and share talent
have artwork printed, buy and sell others
una nueva manera de exponer, comprar, vender y compartir talento
From a Spanish company eight years deep into the art sales e-biz, Nuz lets you browse thousands of images to throw up in your pad, then gives you blanket control over the size and printing material of the finished product, letting you tailor it to fit the vacuous enormity of your walls...and wallet. Works can be perused by a number of uniquely helpful parameters, including predominant color, shape, art techniques (e.g., digital, drawing, photography), and subject, which includes abstract paintings, landscapes, portraits, high-res photos of exotic animals, and everybody's fave, erotic, which should never be confused with the previous category. Once you've picked your art, it's time to select the size (16 possibilities, up to four-plus feet across), and materials, from cheap unframed digital prints on Fuji photo paper or paper prints set in handcrafted black lacquered wood frames, to waterproof cotton canvas stretched over a wooden interior frame ...
max wanger blog » photography + randomness
lindos ensaios de casamento
max wanger photography : an incurably romantic spirit, warmly reflected in wedding photos, as well as those that focus on food, fashion, foreign capitals, friends, and loved ones.
fotos de casamento muderninhas
fotos de casamento foda!
de casamentos, incriveis e meigas
10 Blogs to Help You Become a Photography Expert | Web Design Ledger
100 Touching Photos Expressing Loneliness And Solitude | PXLshots
Hello friends! Here we are, with another wonderful collection of photography. This time we want to...
São Paulo Abandonada
arquitetura antiga de Sao Paulo.
Site que cataloga edifícios abandonados ou subutilizados em Sampa.
Desenvolvido a partir da ideia apresentada pelos site português Lisboa Abandonada e pelo argentino Basta de Demoler, onde cidadãos de uma maneira informal criam arquivos fotográficos e iconográficos registrando construções esquecidas na cidade, elaborou-se o projeto de catalogação e histórica da cidade de São Paulo chamado: “São Paulo Abandonada”. Alguém poderia fazer um blog chamado Curitiba Abandonada
Abandoned São Paulo
35 Powerful Photos That Tell A Story - Noupe
Winter was on the way and the need for shelter was urgent. We express sincere appreciation of the hard work of all photojournalists who are working for humanity,...
12 Photo Contests to Enter Right Now: Win Fame, Glory and an Army of Minions!
list na photojojo
45 Breathtaking Examples of Slow Shutter Speed Photography @ SmashingApps
Fotos de larga exposición.
45 Breathtaking Examples of Slow Shutter Speed Photography - Large Size Panoramas
The world largest picture. The picture was made with the Canon 5D mark II and a 400mm-lens. It consists of 1.665 full format pictures with 21.4 megapixel, which was recorded by a photo-robot in 172 minutes. The converting of 102 GB raw data by a computer with a main memory cache of 48 GB and 16 processors took 94 hours. With a resolution of 297.500 x 87.500 pixel (26 gigapixel) the picture is the largest in the world. (stand December 2009)
It took 172 minutes on a rooftop to shoot 1655 overlapping 21.6 megapixel images and 94 hours to stitch them together. The result is not only a gorgeous 26 gigapixel view of Dresden, Germany, but also the world's biggest photo.
age fotostock, Rights Managed and Royalty Free images
Fonts per a la cerca d'imatges amb drets protegits (imatges per a un cartell, il•lustracions de llibres, campanyes publicitàries, llocs web, etc.)
Age fotostock es una agencia fotográfica con oficinas en Barcelona, Madrid, París y Nueva York que principalmente se dedica a la gestión de derechos de reproducción de imágenes para uso profesional dentro del sector empresarial, editorial, publicitario y del diseño. Gestiona los derechos de reproducción de más de un centenar de colecciones de imágenes de Derechos Protegidos y Royalty Free (Libres de Derechos). Pone a disposición millones de imágenes de una gran variedad de temas y estilos.
Banc d'imatges
Buscador de fotos Age
30 Radical Photo Sequences | Abduzeedo - design inspiration and tutorials
15 Radical Photo Sequences | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials -
nice photo sequences :)
30 Radical Photo Sequences - - pa se dve moji sekvencni fotografiji - [from]
Creating an HDR-like Image From a Single RAW File in Lightroom
If you have been anywhere near the photography world in the past couple years, I am sure you have heard of HDR by now as there have been countless tutorials floating around on how to create HDR images using 3 bracketed exposures in programs like Photomatix and Photoshop. However what if you don’t have your tripod or if you are shooting a scene with moving subjects, yet you still want to create an HDR type shot? Well, good news, it is possible.
Creating an HDR-like Image From a Single RAW File in Lightroom
Mega Listas: Todos os bancos de imagens da internet | - Top 10 melhores e piores listas do mundo - 2010 é o ano do Lista 10
Todos os bancos de imagens da internet
Bancos de imagens
lista / links de banco de imagens
Banco de imgs free e pago.
Beauty in Everything - Photography
Beauty in Everything - The easiest way to find the best photos from Flickr.
Erityylisiä kauniita valokuvia.
imeilusad fotod
45 Astonishing Examples of Long Exposure Photography - Noupe
45 Astonishing Examples of Long Exposure Photography
Beautiful! RT @AmirKassaei Astonishing Examples of Long Exposure Photography: #inspiration #Photography
Today we bring you an enticing article about long exposure photography. Long exposure photography is a technique in which a camera’s shutter is left open to expose...
7 Steps to Becoming a Confident Photographer: a Beginner’s Guide
Manfrotto School Of Xcellence
PRESENTACION Sin la mayor pretensión que la de compartir todos los conocimientos sobre fotografía nocturna que he adquirido en unos cuantos años de