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27 Huge Publishers Join To Replace The Banner

הגדלת גדלי הבאנרים
Tror Oliver IA skrev om idén för ett år sedan.
How XML Threatens Big Data : Dataspora Blog
Back in 2000, I went to France to build a genomics platform. A biotech hired me to combine their in-house genome data with that of public repositories like Genbank. The problem was the repositories, all with millions of records, each had their own format. It sounded like a massive, nightmarish data interoperability project. And an ideal fit for a hot new technology : XML
Three Rules for XML Rebels 1. Stop Inventing New Formats 2. Obey the Fifteen Minute Rule 3. Embrace Lazy Data Modeling
Un point de vue intéressant sur le xml, à rebours des conceptions en sciences de l'info (en tout cas les miennes)
Excellent thoughtful article on data bureaucracy and the limitations of XML. Tutorials | Graphic file formats
A tutorial about vector bitmap resolutions etc (Saxaphone image article)
quick tutorial
vector bitmap resolutions etc (Saxaphone image article)
Leigh Blackall: Video file formats, what and when to use
So what format should I use? Here are my 3 rules of thumb - that work for me: 1. The master copy of your digital video should be in AVI set to play at 25 frames per second, displaying a size of 720x576 pixels. 2. Use this master AVI to export Internet ready versions in MP4, WMV and Ogg Theora, all set to play at no less than 12.5 frames per second, displaying at 320x240 pixels. 3. Upload the MP4 to your preferred video publishing service (eg Youtube or and that service will convert your video to the Flash Video format for reliable playback on all computers.
tips on video formats
Video file formats are a real nightmare!