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cute Social Media: The Five-Year Forecast
Social Media: The Five-Year Forecast
The distinction between traditional and innovative marketing will become significantly more pronounced as the socially driven online communities continue to gain momentum, according to a Forrester Research report released today. "The Future of the Social Web," by Jeremiah Owyang, a Forrester senior analyst, examines the monumental changes that have shaped -- and will continue to impact -- how consumers engage with each other. That engagement, Owyang writes, will affect the way each company reaches its customers -- and more important, their influencers. "The community will take charge," Owyang tells CRM magazine in a one-on-one interview, "and that's going to happen whether or not marketers or brands participate." Social networking, he adds, will only continue to facilitate the power shift toward the consumer.
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IT'S LIKE BESPIN OUT THERE. / UK / Business - Social networks threaten advertising growth, January 15 2009. Two-thirds of advertising agencies are not prepared for the industry changes prompted by social networks and new forms of digital media, a report has found. The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, which will publish the “Social Media Futures” report compiled by Future Foundation next week, has warned that advertising agencies face growth of just 1.2 per cent a year by 2016 if the industry fails to tackle the changes to the media created by sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Social networks enable consumers to pass on information about products and services, and recommendations from friends are more influential than traditional forms of advertising.
cost for agencies if they do not adapt to social networking as an advertising medium
As long as advertising don't relationship building, dialogue, honesty and authencity they can forget about playing a part in new media.
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