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Search for recipes on multiple sites at once is a handy little application that let's you search for, store, and manage all your recipes - in one place. As a Beta member you become an integral part of the development of this product, helping guide us in the design of the features and functionalities with your feedback. We're happy to have you participate. Did you mean to go to Food Network? Try this link: Log In Returning Beta participants: *Email: *Password: Keep me logged in Forgot password? First time visitors: Interested in being a Beta Participant? Excellent! We will need you to register. It's a quick and easy. Just click the button below.
Recipe Box - can add from any site or your own
Eat me daily
Eater's Coverage of Bruniocalypse Props to Eater for yesterday's coverage of Frank Bruni's impending departure as the New York Times restaurant critic, or, as they're calling it, the "Bruniocalypse." In contrast to the generic "here's the news, what do you think?" sort of post, Eater's coverage has been, by far, the most comprehensive — from tracking reactions on the twittersphere and boards, to asking the vital question if Bruni will crown one more four-star, to getting responses from William Tigertt and David Chang, to writing the ultimate Brunibetting on who'll replace King Brunz. Hats off.
Tasty Kitchen – Favorite Recipes from Real Kitchens Everywhere!
A kitchen diary (by a designer)
Einfach großartig!
pie on a stick
Tiny bite-sized pies on a stick.
Lollipop pies
torta no pirulito!!
The Atlantic Food
the food section of The Atlantic Monthly
Behind the Burner TM
Salt & Fat
This is an overnight sandwich.
Notes on cooking and enjoying food. Portland, Oregon.