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Why 99% of Entrepreneurs Fail: Because they don't do anything | Jessica Mah Meets World

There are three types of amateur entrepreneurs out there, and in my young life, I’ve been every single one of them. By coming to terms with my failures, I’m more prepared to classify which type of amateur entrepreneur I am, and thus preventing myself from failing in the same way again.
Type 1 Amateur Entrepreneur: All ideas, no implementation. Type 2 Amateur Entrepreneur: Lots of ideas and half assed implementations.
The Art of the Self-Imposed Deadline - Steven DeMaio -
The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur | How To Stay Focused - 63 (Very Focused) Ways
Using Opacity to Show Focus with jQuery
Built with typographic standards in mind, Baseline makes it easy to develop a website with a pleasing grid and good typography. Baseline starts with several files to reset the browser’s default behavior, build a basic typographic layout — including style for HTML forms and new HTML 5 elements — and build a simple grid system. Baseline was born to be a quick way to prototype a website and grew up to become a full typographic framework for the web using “real” baseline grid as it’s foundation.
6 Apps To Help You Focus & Be Productive [Mac]
I’m a multi-tasker. I’m not very good at it but I try very hard. If you’d suddenly spring up on me and took a look at my screen, it would often be very clustered with several applications running, work half done; not to mention having loads of screenshots and bookmarks on my desktop to remind myself of the tasks I have yet to complete. I try to organize myself by using to-do lists but planning only brings me one step closer to finishing my work. Persistence and determination are the key to getting things done. Unfortunately, I have very little of those. I was born that way, I’m afraid. While writing the first two paragraphs, I checked my mail several times, fired up Safari, updated my Twitter and browsed Facebook. See, I told you I was a multi-tasker. But deadlines are deadlines. If you have a project due Tuesday — then there’s no choice but to complete it by Tuesday. Sure, you can try to push the deadline but there’s still one! To help with the situation and motivate me to clear t
Study Hacks » Blog Archive » Monday Master Class: How to Schedule Your Writing Like a Professional Writer
Professional writers spend most days of their adult lives writing. For those among them who specialize on long form non-fiction, their writing is not that different from the types of research papers that plague college students. Assuming that these writers do not want to spend most of the days of their adult lives hating what they are doing, it stands to reason that, over time, they have figured the least painful possible way to schedule a large amount of writing.
I wonder if same can be applied to coding?
9 Practical Ways to To Help Stay Focused - Dumb Little Man
RT @PerryBelcher: 9 Practical Ways to To Help Stay Focused and don't forget to breathe [from]
Findings - Ear Plugs to Lasers - The Science of Concentration -
How to concentrate and get rid of distractions Books | Why can't we concentrate?
Article on challenges of living/working in a world that is full of distractions and the impact that this has on us as individuals - both in terms of productivity and sense of well being
Review of Gallagher's 'Rapt'
April 2009: Twitter and e-mail aren't making us stupider, but they are making us more distracted. A new book [Winifred Gallagher's "Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life"] explains why learning to focus is the key to living better.
Twitter and e-mail aren't making us stupider, but they are making us more distracted. A new book explains why learning to focus is the key to living better. By Laura Miller
How to Reclaim Your Attention | Zen Habits
Consider what you give your attention to each day. It’s a precious resource, & determines the shape of your life.
If instead, you choose to give your attention to work you’re passionate about, that you feel is important, that will change your life and the world in some small way … this will become your life
A great little post on paring down to the essential in everyday life.
Photography 101.5 - Aperture
Welcome to the fifth lesson in Photography 101 - A Basic Course on the Camera. In this series, we cover all the basics of camera design and use. We talk about the ‘exposure triangle’: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. We talk about focus, depth of field and sharpness, as well as how lenses work, what focal lengths mean and how they put light on the sensor. We also look at the camera itself, how it works, what all the options mean and how they affect your photos.
Making Time to Make: The Job You Think You Have | 43 Folders
Thing is: if the amount of time you devote to lite correspondence with individual people exceeds the amount of time you spend on making things, then you may be in a different line of work than you’d originally thought you were. my sense is that western culture would be a damn sight poorer today if John Lennon had been forced to carry a goddamn BlackBerry.
What is it that you really do? What’s the last thing you made that really excited you? Where are you and your work in all that “communication?”
Part 2 of Merlin Mann's "Making Time to Make." Yeah, I've read it all kinds of out of order (3-1-2), but they're gems of writing and advice for personal productivity. The best part of this one? "The power of connecting with people in an authentic way (no, not in that cheesy, half-assed, internet “friends” way) falls apart at the point where its resource consumption curtails your ability to keep making new stuff. It’s a twisted paradox, for sure. But, in essence, it’d be a little like the Beatles skipping the writing and recording of Rubber Soul in order to catch up on 1964’s fan mail."
If you’re a publisher, journalist, author, blogger, musician, artist, designer, cartoonist, or any other sort of person whose job it is to connect with people by communicating ideas, it’s natural and wholesome for people who are interested in what you do (and many of whom are certainly makers-of-stuff in their own right) to develop a relationship with your work and to want a way to participate in it, add to it, and build upon it.
, it’d probably be a lot of fun for the makers to do. But, is this a sane, scalable, and sustainable way to do your work? I’d say no. No, it is not.
my sense is that western culture would be a damn sight poorer today if John Lennon had been forced to carry a goddamn BlackBerry.
Seth's Blog: The sad truth about marketing shortcuts
«This is why I don't have a podcast, a video channel, any activity to speak of on Facebook. It's why I don't use Twitter or travel the country visiting bookstores. There are many places to be, and it's tempting to act like those non-profits and race after the next one. But it doesn't work.»
Critical mass is what happens when you have enough and do enough that you connect to a tribe, one that matters. Critical mass is the pay off from focused, consistent effort. Critical mass is what you don't get if you are constantly working the angles and looking for a shortcut.
Why rushing from one quick win to another won't get you anywhere in social media.
blog post 10/08
Godin's concept of tribes is similar to Gadwell's talk about the 150 rule in the Tipping point
Do one thing really well.
AJ Jacobs: My colossal task burden | Life and style | The Guardian
AJ Jacobs: My colossal task burden - loved this article!
Is multi-tasking bad for you? As somebody who suffers from a chronic butterfly mind, I do wonder whether becoming a a 'uni-tasker' wouldn't be a bad idea. A thought provoking and amusing read.
As a counterpoint to the NYTimes article, AJ Jacobs on his experiment living life with no multitasking
When AJ Jacobs learned multitasking was bad for you, he decided to kick his chronic addiction to mental juggling. Get ready for Operation Focus…
How to Focus - A Healthy Information Diet -