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The Big List of What Your Airline Really Charges You

List of fees, upgrade costs, etc
Hotels, Hotel Deals, Vacations, Resorts and Travel Deals - hotelicopter
Book hotels and travel deals
very nice site
JetBlue | All-You-Can-Jet Pass
Alll-You-Can-Jet Pass informational page
wish I had time to do this...
'$599 for a month of unlimited travel'
John Graham-Cumming: How to sleep on a long haul flight
... But the flight was over ten hours. The right thing to think is: oh, 10 hours of sleep, that'll do me good. But do not look at your watch and think about the flight time left. Just close your eyes, put on the blindfold, shut out the noise and relax. Of course, relaxing is hard, but I find that something simple like alternate nostril breathing works wonders to calm me down. The yogi probably won't tell you but the beer also helps. PS It's important to know how to unblock your ears because blocked ears can be painful. Here's a good description.