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Easy = True - The Boston Globe

Results like these suggest that feeling good about yourself may in part be a matter of having a hard time feeling bad, and that confidence and even success might be triggered by interventions that do nothing but make failure seem the more intimidating possibility. The human brain, for all its power, is suspicious of difficulty, but perhaps we can learn to use that.
Phrases that are easier on the ear aren’t just catchy and easy to remember, McGlone argues, they also feel inherently truer.
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in any situation where we weigh information. It’s a key part of the puzzle of how feelings like attraction and belief and suspicion work
"Cognitive fluency is simply a measure of how easy it is to think about something, and it turns out that people prefer things that are easy to think about to those that are hard. On the face of it, it’s a rather intuitive idea. But psychologists are only beginning to uncover the surprising extent to which fluency guides our thinking, and in situations where we have no idea it is at work."
Cognative fluency