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Find flashcards from the best flashcard sites.
Find flashcards from the best flashcard sites
BrainFlips | Home of the world's smartest flashcards
Learn anything with flashcards at Create and study flashcards and share them with your friends and classmates.
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BrainFlips | Home of the world's smartest flashcards
Create Web 2.0 Flashcards in a Flash!
I must admit I have a bit of an aversion to drill-type activities, but I realize there are times that students need to practice and memorize certain concepts in order to succeed. Certainly we all know that studying makes for more successful learners. Abraham Lincoln clearly knew the value of studying when he said, “I will study and get ready, and perhaps my chance will come.” I doubt that Abraham could have imagined the neat Web 2.0 flashcard-type applications that our students can now use to help them with their studies.
various free websites for flash cards and quiz reviews
Article - The Flashcard Wiki
Memorize Now - Home
Memorize Now - a free tool to memorizing information
Study Tips: Cramberry Does Clean and Simple Online Flash Cards
Online flash card web application Cramberry creates simple flash cards in an easy to use, clean interface—great for memorizing boring study terms.
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Headmagnet | Get stuff in your head and keep it there!
Headmagnet creates a model of what's going on in your head. It predicts what memories have faded away, and what memories are still inside, allowing you to quickly get things in your head and keep them there. The more you use headmagnet, the better it gets at modeling what goes on in your head.
Know that you know. Create smart online flash cards that predict when you'll forget.
As you study your flashcards Headmagnet tracks the flashcard items you know or don't know. Those statistics are then used to predict how long and how often you will remember an item from a flashcard. Headmagnet provides three ways to study your flashcards; slideshow, self test, or normal test. In the slideshow you simply click through to see questions and answers on the same page. In self test you see one side of a flashcard then the other at your own pace. In the normal test the question side of your flashcards are shown and you have to type your answer.
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Spicy Elephant - the quickest way to put stuff in your brain
StudyCell Home
service to put flash cards on mobile phones
Want to create your own mobile flashcards and take your homework "to go"? Make your own downloads and share them with your friends Create flashcards online you can use to study on your phone or on our website Download flashcards to your phone Share flashcard decks with your friends and study groups
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