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flashbake « Bit Bucket Labs

a seamless source control tool for ordinary people.
cory doctorow's hyper texty tool
"a seamless source control tool for ordinary people"
Using Git to track and version your writing.
Lifehacker - Flashbake Automates Version Control for (Nerdy) Writers - Downloads
how to use git as version control for writers
nice intro to Flashbake
Save snapshots of frequently-updated files over time with programmer-strength version control—but without the learning curve. Free software Flashbake captures working files and adds details like the weather and your Twitter status to each version automatically.
Flashbake: Free version-control for writers using git - Boing Boing
Leonard uses Tiddlywiki for worldcreation; I'd be curious whether any authors are now using Flashbake
Even Cory Doctorow's using Git .)