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GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid | Augmented Reality

Nice demo of augmented reality : a digital hologram on screen through your webcam.
print out is used to create augmented reality
The Smart Grid integrates 21st century technology with the 20th century power grid. So GE can help you manage energy more efficiently than ever before.
Augmented Reality with FLARToolKit « Papervision3D
FLARVision: Augmented Reality and Papervision | InsideRIA
interessant voor master thesis
Brilliant blog on AR - posts including source code of XYZ coordinates of a marker
ARtisan is the fastest and easiest way from point A to point B in browser based augmented reality. With ARtisan, the developer needs no knowledge of the inner workings of augmented reality to create in-depth, interactive AR experiences.
framework para realidade aumentada
特集:FLARToolKitを使ったAR系Flashの作り方| … 技術評論社特集 :: FLARToolKit スタートガイド
簡単! FLARToolKitをはじめよう! | デベロッパーセンター