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two hundred sit-ups

the two hundred sit-ups training program
What You Said: How Lifehacker Readers Are Getting in Shape in '09
Six Ways to Boost Brainpower: Scientific American
How to Calculate How Many Calories You Need to Eat to Lose Weight - wikiHow
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wikiHow article about How to Calculate How Many Calories You Need to Eat to Lose Weight.
How to Get Bruce Lee Like Strength Without Ever Going to a Gym | Zen Habits
Article about exercise and Bruce Lee.
Fitness: The Five-Minute Prison Workout Keeps You Fit in Any Space
Top 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Advanced and Beginners - The Renegade Health Show Episode #104 » The Renegade Health Show
10 sencillos ejercicios para cuando no tengas tiempo para ir al gym
Sports: Make Your Own Sports Drink
Sports drinks are an easy way to replace fluid and electrolytes lost exercise, but what if Brawndo isn't what you crave? Ditch the dyes and high fructose corn syrup by making your own. Photo by zzeller. At the medical blog WebMD, they have a DIY formula for making a rehydration drink to administer to a person sick with the flu or other dehydrating illness. The formula is roughly the same as any sports drink however, the goal is to get fluid, glucose, and electrolytes into your system.
Lifehacker - Exercises That Protect Against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Ergonomics
World percussionist David Kuckhermann has fought problems with tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome in his career. He demonstrates a few hand and wrist stretches and motions that helped him ward off the desk worker's curse.
Rehydration drinks
tablespoons (30 g) sugar
Make your own Gatorade
The Running Man, Revisited § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM
"A handful of scientists think that these ultra-marathoners are using their bodies just as our hominid forbears once did, a theory known as the endurance running hypothesis (ER)."
running animals to death
In tests where 15 subjects ran and walked on pressure-sensitive treadmills, Lieberman and Rolian found that toe length had no effect on walking. Yet when the subjects were running, an increase in toe length of just 20 percent doubled the amount of mechanical work, meaning that the longer-toed subjects required more metabolic energy, and each footfall produced more shock.
Running deer to death ...
The endurance running hypothesis, the idea that humans evolved as long-distance runners, may have legs thanks to a new study on toes.
But a handful of scientists think that these ultra-marathoners are using their bodies just as our hominid forbears once did, a theory known as the endurance running hypothesis (ER). ER proponents believe that being able to run for extended lengths of time is an adapted trait, most likely for obtaining food, and was the catalyst that forced Homo erectus to evolve from its apelike ancestors. Over time, the survival of the swift-footed shaped the anatomy of modern humans, giving us a body that is difficult to explain absent a marathoning past.
Endurance running hypothesis
Best Foods for a Flat Belly on Yahoo! Health
What if someone told you that the way you eat could whittle your waistline? Sure, you'd think. Give up carbs and rely on rabbit food. Not true! I'm happy to tell you that there are other, yummier ways to go. Certain foods and styles of eating can indeed help flatten your belly (and everywhere else, for that matter). Try these tips and you'll uncover an amazing middle in no time. Gimme a C: I love pink grapefruit and that's a good thing, since research has found that foods that are naturally rich in vitamin C—think citrus fruit, cantaloupe and red peppers—can help reduce fat absorption. In fact, skip it and you may see your middle expand, since diets low in vitamin C have been linked to bigger waistlines. Meet your daily goal of 75 milligrams by snacking on an orange or a cup of strawberries. See how these small changes can add up to big results. Tea up: Women with the highest consumption of catechins, the plant-based antioxidants in tea that may boost fat burn, put on fewer pounds ov
Foodsyahoo yahooFoods FlatBelly
The painful truth about trainers: Are expensive running shoes a waste of money? | Mail Online
Thrust enhancers, roll bars, microchips...the $20 billion running - shoe industry wants us to believe that the latest technologies will cushion every stride. Yet in this extract from his controversial new book, Christopher McDougall claims that injury rates for runners are actually on the rise, that everything we've been told about running shoes is wrong - and that it might even be better to go barefoot...
An interesting article that (almost) concludes: running shoes (Nikes, Reeboks, etc) are a self-sustaining industry that don't improve performance or prevent injuries, and running shoes could actually be hurting. Now I know why I suck at my Saturday morning runs - I need to go barefoot :-)
Lessons In Survival | Print Article |
this is an awesome article.
Sailors are given 30 seconds to answer or they're kicked out of the program. If they say they want to keep going, they're given another 30 seconds to recover and then they're thrown back into the pool. It may sound sadistic, but the Navy is simply trying to identify who will survive the most dangerous missions and who won't. Through this grueling test, it finds soldiers and sailors who refuse to give up, who can suppress the need to breathe, who trust that they'll be rescued if something goes wrong and who are prepared to lose consciousness—or even die—following orders.
10 Health Habits That Will Help You Live to 100 on Yahoo! Health
50 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Brain’s Performance | Best Online Colleges
Even if you think you’re pretty smart or have a good memory, your brain is begging you to work it to its full potential. Getting stuck in the same routine, never exercising and eating junk food are all brain killers that decrease good cognitive function and increase your chances of memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s. But with these 50 tips and ideas for flexing your brain power, you’ll be able to boost performance right now and in the future.
Sugar Stacks - How Much Sugar Is in That?
Ways to make you eat less sugar: I found one.
Crunch Free Ways to Transform Your Abs - Healthy Living on Shine
Video demos of the plank and other stretching exercises for the core.
Lifehacker - Six Best Exercise Planning and Tracking Tools - Exercise
Technology and exercise make an excellent pair; you can now track, plan, and graph your workouts more easily than ever. We're here to take a look at six of the most popular tools for the job. Photo by andronicusmax. Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite exercise tracking or planning tool. You responded and we rounded up the top six—six on account of a three-way tie. The following contenders represent the most popular tools among Lifehacker readers for tracking, measuring, and quantifying their exercise endeavors. When the item in question is a physical item, such as the Nike+ running system, the operating system listed corresponds to the supported operating system for the accompanying tracking software. Gyminee (Web Based, Basic Account: Free/Pro Account: $45 per year) Gyminee is web-based fitness tool with an enormous amount of features. Not only can you track your fitness goals like pounds lost, changes in resting heart rate, and all other manner of common fitness
David H. Murdock: A Recipe For Longevity: 33 Of The Healthiest Foods On Earth
Broccoli Reduces diabetic damage Lowers risk of prostate, bladder, colon, pancreatic, gastric and breast cancer Protects the brain in event of in
Lowers risk of colorectal and kidney cancer, leukemia
Five Simple Exercise Programs for Beginners | Zen Habits
nice to have for beginners
series ejercicios
Hivelogic - An Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation
The Human Condition : Stop Doing Sit-Ups: Why Crunches Don't Work
Everyone knows that road to flat, tight abs is paved with crunches. Lots and lots and lots of excruciating crunches. Or is it? As it turns out, the exercises synonymous with strong, attractive abs may not be the best way to train your core—and may be
Interesting, I wonder when the article telling us how bad pushups are for you will come out. What about breathing? Anyone else feel this way?
"it won’t matter how muscular your torso is if your body fat is too high. The best way to build strong, visible abs isn’t through repeated sit-ups, but by engaging in circuit training that has you working your entire core while you’re burning calories – and to keep yourself disciplined during meals." YES INDEED (but you should definitely do crunches every day :) )
YouTube - Damien Walters Showreel 2009
super Akrobatik
Wellbeing on the web: the 12 fitness websites you need to bookmark - Telegraph
The Simple Fitness Rules | Zen Habits
Health and fitness are usually made to seem too complex. If you read a lot of fitness magazines and blogs (as I often do), you’re told a confusing variety of complex advice. It makes your head spin.
"..In fact, you can boil it down to two simple rules: 1. Get your body moving on a regular basis; and 2. Eat a moderate amount of real, whole foods (with occasional indulgences).." :-)
smart, and nice picture
Simple Fitness Rules
Is Your Ab Workout Hurting Your Back? - Well Blog -
“There’s so much mythology out there about the core,” maintains Stuart McGill, a highly regarded professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo in Canada and a back-pain clinician who has been crusading against ab exercises that require hollowing your belly. “The idea has reached trainers and through them the public that the core means only the abs. There’s no science behind that idea.” (McGill’s website is
Flickr Photo Download: CALORIES
An interesting, attractive, and clear information graphic that just happens to feature stats that I think most people would like to know.
Most people don't really know how many calories their every day food contains. Or how hard they actually have to work to get rid of that extra energy. So make 2009 a year when you make conscious decisions and stop the weight to sneak up on you.
Can You Get Fit in Six Minutes a Week? - Well Blog -
Effictiveness of sprint workouts, especially in swimming. "There’s a catch, though. Those six minutes, if they’re to be effective, must hurt. “We describe it as an ‘all-out’ effort,” Gibala says. You’ll be straying “well out of your comfort zone.” That level of discomfort makes some activities better-suited to intense training than others. “We haven’t studied runners,” Gibala says. The pounding involved in repeated sprinting could lead to injuries, depending on a runner’s experience and stride mechanics. But cycling and swimming work well."
Taleb was right ahead of the curve, again...Maybe there's something to the caveman diet, too...
I'm skeptical, but it sure would be nice
Top 10 Reasons Why The BMI Is Bogus : NPR
As the Weekend Edition math guy, I spoke to Scott Simon and told him the body mass index fails on 10 grounds:
So very awesome at striking down one of the worse medical myths in current society. Everyone should read this.
Eating to Fuel Exercise - Well Blog -
A nice article that discuses food regarding exercise
A Whole Lotta Nothing: Weight loss tips for geeks
I'm halfway through a big bet and I just weighed in at a tad over 210 pounds this morning, right on schedule for winning my bet. Getting down to 220lbs from 230 at the start of the year was easy, but the rest of the pounds were much harder. I'm now on a pretty good weight loss streak of a couple pounds per week with no end in sight. Different things work for different people but I thought I'd share what worked for me in the hopes that maybe one or more of these tips will help your own weight loss as well.
Further advice for when I get off my ass and drop the gut.
The Healthy and Fit Algorithm
En inglés. Lo de siempre, que nunca es bastante recordado. Mens sana in corpore sano; buena salud igual a ejercicio y dieta equilibrada. Y propuestas.
To Run Better, Start by Ditching Your Nikes | Wired Science |
Cool! ditch the shoes
OK this is funny! If you wear flipflops it's less likely you will injure your foot!
To Run Better, Start by Ditching Your Nikes
Perfect Push Ups Workout Guide: 35+ Exercises | The Art of Manliness
100 отжиманий
Программа 100 отжиманий для улучшения физической подготовки
How To Breathe When Running | Complete Running Network
Thought you might find this useful for cross country or PE.
With two videos. Don't forget: deep breaths are good, not only when running.
Get Amazing Abs (and Tone All Over) at Any Age on Yahoo! Health
Vibram Five Fingers Shoes: The Barefoot Alternative
"At the very least, you get to wear some goofy shoes that encourage you to wiggle your toes."
Pavel: 80/20 Powerlifting and How to Add 110+ Pounds to Your Lifts
weightlifting program
Faleev’s secret of success is so simple, it is easy to ignore: practice nothing but the powerlifts and compete regularly.
Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin - TIME,8599,1914857,00.html
Por que exercícios não emagrecem. Uma argumentação sobre a total inutilidade dos exercícios sobre o emagrecimento.
Calories calories calories. People are forgetting to count.
The basic problem is that while it's true that exercise burns calories and that you must burn calories to lose weight, exercise has another effect: it can stimulate hunger. That causes us to eat more, which in turn can negate the weight-loss benefits we just accrued. Exercise, in other words, isn't necessarily helping us lose weight. It may even be making it harder.
Whether because exercise makes us hungry or because we want to reward ourselves, many people eat more — and eat more junk food, like doughnuts — after going to the gym.
Use a 3:2 Inhale-Exhale Ratio for Improved Runs - Exercise - Lifehacker
The right equipment, training, and running route isn't always enough to ensure a good run, especially if your breathing is all over the map. To help stabilize yours, try incorporating a set inhale-exhale ratio. Photo by aarmono. The aptly named Complete Running Network details how to breathe properly when running. Included in their list of seven tips is the importance of establishing the right inhale/exhale ratio. Specifically, they suggest that runners should take three footsteps for every inhale and two footsteps for every exhale, which puts them at a 3:2 ratio. This means you INHALE on the LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT foot strikes and EXHALE fully on the RIGHT, LEFT foot strikes. This pattern is not that hard to turn into a habit, but it may require you to slow your pace down for a few runs to master the technique. You will notice a lower heart rate as you are able to get more oxygen in and more importantly push all the carbon dioxide out of your body. You may notice that you naturally
Take the Marine Corps Fitness Test | The Art of Manliness
In order to get the highest possible score on the test you’d have to perform 20 pull-ups, do 100 crunches in 2 minutes, and run 3 miles in 18:00 minutes.
Elég fitt vagy?
Today we're going to give ourselves a gut check by taking a physical fitness test. 200906253026
How To Design Your Own Fail-Safe Exercise Program - Dumb Little Man
Dumb Little Man shares ideas to make the everyday person more productive in life. Expect to read tips on finance, saving money, business, and some DIY for the house.
You see, it’s not impossibly hard for you to design your own fail-safe exercise program. It might not be as personalized as working with a personal trainer, and it won’t be able to teach you the thousands of interesting progressions and variations that a top-dollar session will, but it sure as heck beats sitting on your butt or relying on boring cardio machines day-in and day-out.
How to Fix Bad Ankles - Well Blog -
The New (Media) Workout Plan - Patrick Moberg
Unorthodox excercise regiment based around new media addiction.
Patrick Moberg
love it! (via @radiohead022)
Five Best Weight-Management Tools - Weight loss - Lifehacker
Weight loss can be a challenging undertaking (even maintaining your weight can be tough when the holidays roll around). Make the most of your efforts with help from one of these five weight-management tools most valued by Lifehacker readers.
8 Foods That Fight Fat on Yahoo! Health
skimble | Track and plan your active life! From rock climbing, running, cycling, hiking, and camping to yoga and gym fitness.
Track and plan your active life! From rock climbing, running, cycling, hiking, and camping to yoga and gym fitness.
Score Flat Abs Without Sit-Ups on Yahoo! Health
Out of Energy? on Yahoo! Health
Productivity builder
Recipes for Health - Healthier Pizzas -
5 Habits to Break Before It's Too Late - Healthy Living on Shine
You want to live a long, full life -- to be young and lean forever. But you could be doing yourself more harm than good. Getty Images by JJ Virgin "Someday," you say, "I'm going to get my health back on track, after this next…
Phys Ed: Why Doesn’t Exercise Lead to Weight Loss? - Well Blog -
Well it does, just not as much as expected in the study. Key thing: Use exercise to promote your health, not for the sole aim of weight loss. Slashdot:
Pretty good article on diet's role in weight loss despite exercise
For some time, researchers have been finding that people who exercise don’t necessarily lose weight. A study published online in September in The British Journal of Sports Medicine was the latest to report apparently disappointing slimming results.
For some time, researchers have been finding that people who exercise dont necessarily lose weight. A study published online in September in The British Journal of Sports Medicine was the latest to report apparently disappointing slimming results. In the study, 58 obese people completed 12 weeks of supervised aerobic training without changing their diets. The group lost an average of a little more than seven pounds, and many lost barely half that.
Phys Ed: Why Doesn’t Exercise Lead to Weight Loss?
8 fat fighting foods - Healthy Living on Shine
Health and nutrition
Combat fat! Your allies in battling bulge? Foods that do the work for you. These edibles have proven lipid-melting powers that help you slim. That’s a win.
Phys Ed: Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious - Well Blog -
Researchers at Princeton University recently made a remarkable discovery about the brains of rats that exercise. Some of their neurons respond differently to stress than the neurons of slothful rats...
rats that had exercised, even if they had received the oxidizing chemical, were relatively nonchalant under stress. When placed in the unfamiliar space, they didn’t run for dark corners and hide, like the unexercised rats. They insouciantly explored. The “cells born from running,” the researchers concluded, appeared to have been “specifically buffered from exposure to a stressful experience.” The rats had created, through running, a brain that seemed biochemically, molecularly, calm.
Phys Ed: Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious - Well Blog -
Other researchers have looked at how exercise alters the activity of dopamine, another neurotransmitter in the brain, while still others have concentrated on the antioxidant powers of moderate exercise. Anxiety in rodents and people has been linked with excessive oxidative stress, which can lead to cell death, including in the brain. Moderate exercise, though, appears to dampen the effects of oxidative stress. In an experiment led by researchers at the University of Houston and reported at the Society for Neuroscience meeting, rats whose oxidative-stress levels had been artificially increased with injections of certain chemicals were extremely anxious when faced with unfamiliar terrain during laboratory testing. But rats that had exercised, even if they had received the oxidizing chemical, were relatively nonchalant under stress. When placed in the unfamiliar space, they didn’t run for dark corners and hide, like the unexercised rats. They insouciantly explored.
Dieting: Losing Weight the Flexitarian Way (No Wheatgrass Required)
Diet with no meat before dinner.
I've dropped about 10 pounds so far, and a little more falls off every day. The fix hasn't been running, lifting, or anything trendy—I'm just eating less meat, and enjoying what I eat more.
IPhone: Roll Your Own Nike+ iPhone for Free
As an iPhone owner who runs for exercise, my biggest disappointment at Apple's recent iPod event was the lack of Nike+ support for the GPS-sporting 3G iPhone. Instead, the second generation iPod touch has Nike+ built-in, and the iPhone still has nothing. I would be disappointed, but the power of the iPhone App Store pulls out a big win on this front, as several free Nike+ alternatives are already leveraging your 3G iPhone's GPS capabilities to provide you with much of the same functionality as you can already get from Nike+ and then some. Keep reading for a look at some of the best free Nike+ alternatives.
Tough Guy Challenge 2009 - The Big Picture -
swoosh photo
photo essay of tough guy challenge
via jeffcane
America's Healthiest Restaurants on Yahoo! Health
Untitled Page
Binge-proof your diet: 6 Foods that keep you full and satisfied on Shine
Eggs (no yolks!), almonds, avocados, apples, oatmeal, peanut butter.
eggs (never eat the yolks), almonds, avocados, apples, oatmeal, peanut butter (no added sugar) ... YES INDEED AND FATTIES SHOULD NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO PRINGLES ON THIS LIST
Binge-proof your diet: 6 Foods that keep you full and satisfied
The Healthiest Foods On Earth -
Whole foods are the key to good health (and not very much sugar)
The most important consideration in constructing a healthy diet: Eat whole food with minimal processing. These 12 foods do the trick.
Nuts and berries.
20-plus Amazing Fitness Blogs to Inspire You
<img src="" /> <small>Let yourself become inspired to fitness.</small>
101 Ways to Lose Your Gut - Men's Fitness
The Ultimate How to Get Lean Guide
Weight loss advice and links to various fitness websites.
# oint to never eat carbs without some fat or protein. # The Amount of Meals Per Day Doesn’t Matter. I think people should stick to what feels natural as far as how often they eat. Some people do better with 6 small meals and some do better with 2-3 meals. It really is the total calories that matter as far as weight loss goes. The idea that you metabol
Running Barefoot: Home
This website has been developed to provide an evidence-based resource for those interested in the biomechanics of different foot strikes in endurance running and the applications to human endurance running prior to the modern running shoe.
Eat This, Not That - The No-Diet Weight Loss Solution From Men's Health
Best and Worst Restaurants
Que comer y que no en las diferentes cadenas de restaurants.
17 Arse-kicking Strategies to Stick to Your Diet and Get Fit | Zen Habits
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zen 17 Arse-kicking Strategies to Stick to Your Diet and Get Fit: Look nice and trim with sure-fire healthy .. [from]
’m not a big fan of “dieting” — a word that conjures up images of hunger and chewing on celery or doing some kind of fad diet — but I do believe in trying to eat a healthier diet. Don’t diet, but do stick to a healthy diet, in other words. But that’s easier said than done, as we all know. The healthy diet goes out the window around the holidays, for example, or when there’s a family party or a function at work full of unhealthy food, or when we go out to eat with friends, or when we go to a ballgame or amusement park or the beach, or when … well, you get the idea. There are lots of ways to get off a diet.
Identify Your Foot Type Before Choosing Running Shoes - Running - Lifehacker
Knowing your foot type is useful for purchasing the proper running shoes, among other things. Using the "wet test" can help clue you in on whether you have normal, flat, or high-arched feet.
27 Ideas for a Healthier Breakfast: The Breakfast Routine | Get Motivated | Reader's Digest
Make the most important meal of the day a good one.
27 Ideas for a Healthier Breakfast: The Breakfast Routine | Get Motivated | Reader's Digest [from]
Top 10: Timeless Exercises -
Sick of wasting time at the gym with trendy workouts? Then you need to remember these top 10 timeless exercises.
2 Killer Moves for a Flat Tummy - Healthy Living on Shine
"abs back"
Simple Till Six Weight Loss Diet: An Eating Plan for Busy People | Lose the Weight | Reader's Digest
Everything pointed to a simpler style of eating. I started following a diet that was nearly "vegan until six." Until dinner, I ate almost no animal products and no simple carbs (no white-flour products, junk food, or sugar-heavy snacks). At dinner, I ate as I always had, sometimes a sizable meal including animal products, bread, dessert, wine -- you name it -- or sometimes a salad and a bowl of soup. I also took several long walks each week (my bad knees couldn't handle more).
The anti-girth, pro-Earth eating plan for busy, real people.
Mark Bittman How to cook everything vegetarian NYT food writer the minimalist against meat
The Minimalist - Recipes for 101 Simple Salads for the Season -
Phys Ed: Can Running Actually Help Your Knees? - Well Blog -
Shit, i guess i _have_ to do the c25k now.
Phys Ed: Can Running Actually Help Your Knees?
Unclutterer » Archive » Replace exercise DVDs with video podcasts
Yoga podcasts.
Stand Up While You Read This! - Opinionator Blog -
Your chair is your enemy. It doesn’t matter if you go running every morning, or you’re a regular at the gym. If you spend most of the rest of the day sitting — in your car, your office chair, on your sofa at home — you are putting yourself at increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, a variety of cancers and an early death. In other words, irrespective of whether you exercise vigorously, sitting for long periods is bad for you.
Conversely, a study of people who sit for many hours found that those who took frequent small breaks — standing up to stretch or walk down the corridor — had smaller waists and better profiles for sugar and fat metabolism than those who did their sitting in long, uninterrupted chunks.
Man, I need to try a standing desk
3 reasons your workouts aren't working - Healthy Living on Shine
This is a list of 10 key training mistakes, which can sabotage the efforts of even veteran exercisers.
Good workout Info.
short article on common workout mistakes
How to Fix Bad Ankles - Well Blog -
How to Fix Bad Ankles
It's all about balance.
Sizzle Calories in 18 Minutes on Yahoo! Health
Best of the Past: Trainer Tells All – What I Have Learned About Health and Fitness – Fitness Spotlight : Fitness Spotlight
A summary of some exercise and diet rule that seem to make a lot of sense.
Princeton University - A sweet problem: Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain
RT @farmgeek The average American eats 60 pounds of High Fructose Corn Syrup every year >>just wow
Toldja so!
hello i visit your blog, u visit mine
A Princeton University research team has demonstrated that all sweeteners are not equal when it comes to weight gain: Rats with access to high-fructose corn syrup gained significantly more weight than those with access to table sugar, even when their overall caloric intake was the same.
Among rats fed calorically identical quantities of table sugar and HFCS, those fed corn syrup gain as much as 48% more weight. Fascinating.
Most Effective Exercises Pictures Slideshow: Squats, Lunges, and More
Does Your Workout Work? These seven exercises deliver results — whether you do them at a gym or at home. Pay close attention to the form demonstrated by the personal trainer in these slides — good technique is a must for a safe, effective workout.
Lifehacker - BeatScanner Analyzes Your Music's BPM to Build Perfect Workout Playlists - Exercise
beat scanner
Two Simple Ways to Form New Habits Without Really Trying | Zen Habits
Lifehacker - The Alexander Technique Provides Short-Term Relief From Back Pain - back pain
Personal fitness that revolves around you - FitOrbit
Exercise: Replace Your Exercise DVDs with Workout Video Podcasts
Well, I have been planning to start a workout plan for years. What better movtivation than to have podcasts of exercise activities I can do anywhere I go.
How to Go From Fat To Fit For Good | Zen Habits
Para compartir con Freslys y lograr Fitness
The journey of transforming your body from out of shape to fit as a fiddle is a long one with many twists and turns.
America’s Unhealthiest Restaurants
chapter 8
50 Fun, Free Web Games to Make Your Brain Smarter, Faster, Sharper | Online College Blog and School Reviews
Your Office Chair Is Killing You - BusinessWeek
Well I am screwed...
"Much of the perception about what makes for healthy and comfortable sitting has come from the chair industry." / "Chaise longues are good options."
Meet public enemy No. 1 in today's workplace.
Swopper - Overlooked Fat Loss Factors
The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Barefoot Running | Zen Habits
When I first heard about barefoot running, several years ago, I was skeptical — don’t we need cushion to protect us from injuries, and why would I want to run barefoot, anyway? But several months ago, I read a few influential articles (stemming from the popularity of Christopher McDougall’s book, Born to Run) and decided to give barefoot running a try. Why not?
Zenhabits Einführung mit guter Linkliste
Entropy Production: All Medical Science is Wrong within a 95 % Confidence Interval
or: A Review of Taubes' "Good Calories, Bad Calories"
Recommended by Art
law of thermodynamics
Recently I read a very impressive book by Gary Taubes, previously a reporter for the journal Science. The work in question is, "Good Calories, Bad Calories."' In the book, Taubes collects research to challenge the common knowledge of nutrition: that fat is bad for you, that we should eat polyunsaturated vegetable oils, that we should exercise for sixty minutes a day, etc.
nice theory on how puritanicalism informs, in this case, our common dietary 'wisdom'
“…look at me I’m skinny…” Diet, exercise, nature, and nurture at FISTFULAYEN
iancr's confessional on diet, exercise and self-discipline
Great tips on staying fit and eating healthy. Also a great recommendation for the book "The End of Overeating" by David Kessler which shows why so many Americans are getting fat and what to do about it.
interesting article about ian rogers' relationship with food and exercise and being a 'skinny guy'.
Bikini Body in 2 Weeks on Yahoo! Health
by gabrielle reece
Phys Ed - Stretching - The Truth -
How to Reboot Your Sleep Cycle and Get the Rest You Deserve
Get back to the normal sleep cycle and rest.
Beginner's Health and Fitness Guide
Harmful Drinks in America | World Of Mysteries
Drinks & their sugar equivalent in food (sticking to water from now on) #MustRead
zomg, horrifying
World of Mysteries takes pictures of the worst beverages in America with their caloric equals. SoBe Green Tea contains the same amount of sugar as four pieces of Sara Lee cherry pie.
This makes me scared to drink anything but good old council pop - #sugaroverload (Via @emsydo)
Cycling Cadence and Bicycle Gearing
Hot Cal - Calorie Calculator & Fitness Tracker
Track your diet and exercise with the Hot Cal fitness journal. Keep track of calories and carbs in your free diet log and workout journal.
Your Ultimate Brain-Power Workout
Find information on wellness, diet, fitness, weight loss, mental health, anti-aging, conditions & diseases, drugs & medications, and more on Yahoo! Health
3JOJo.jpg (JPEG Image, 1370x679 pixels)
Hell Yeah Bruce Lee!!
bruce lee running story
The one thing you need to know – julien smith (julien)
" might as well be dead. Seriously, if you always put limits on what you can do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into your morality, into your entire being. There are no limits. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man must constantly exceed his level.”
The one where Bruce Lee motivates you by telling you to go ahead and die.
bruce lee
Why You Can't Lose Those Last 10 Pounds on Shine
talks about obesogens
by: Stephen Perrine and Heather Hurlock On May 11, the White House announced it was targeting a new threat to America’s health and security. It wasn’t some rogue nation or terrorist organization, or a newfound disease or environmental threat. It…
Why You Can't Lose Those Last 10 Pounds on Shine
Why You Can't Lose Those Last 10 Pounds on Shine
But your endocrine system is a finely tuned instrument that can easily be thrown off-kilter. "Obesogens are thought to act by hijacking the regulatory systems that control body weight,"
eats water for both health and aesthetic concerns. Try The Brita Aqualux ($28,, Pur Horizontal fau
The Truth About Your Food
Truth About Your Food
6.11.10 (Article based on the "Eat This, Not Article" book)
In case you missed the article that Mike B posted last week, check out The Truth About Your Food. Did you Taco Bell that of the 64 ingredients in their Mexican Pizza, one of them is silicon dioxide (aka sand), which is added to the ground beef? While you may think you can at make good food choices at fast food restaurants, even if you only eat the meat, there's likely to be 20+ ingredients added!
By David Zinczenko Jun 11, 2010
RT @CarePractice: Are you really going to eat that? Here's what lurks in your favorite foods:
What to eat--what not to eat--and why.