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find local free wireless by zipcode
FramesDirect FrameFinder Virtual Tryon - Upload Your Image
try on eyeglasses, sun glasses, contact lenses online.
Lifehacker - Tweak Your Way to a Better Finder - Leopard
Leopard tweaks ... useful
"From Finder's View menu, check off "Show Path Bar" to turn on a clickable "breadcrumb" file path bar at the bottom of your Finder window, as shown. There you can click on any of the parent folders up the path of your current folder to navigate to it." Giant size 'oh!'.
Mac OS XのFinderがプチ便利になる8つのテク : ライフハッカー[日本版], 仕事も生活も上手くこなすライフハック情報満載のブログ・メディア
Mac OS XのFinderをカスタマイズするプラグイン集
TotalFinder brings tabs to your native Finder and more!
brings tabs to your native Finder and more!
Download Fast Duplicate File Finder And Check Your Computer For Duplicate Files
Fast Duplicate File Finder will clean up your computer and save valuable space by removing duplicate content. Fast Duplicate File Finder uses fast binary search and guarantees that the found results are 100% identicle.