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Free File Home - Your Link to Free Federal Online Filing

now if you know what you need, you can just download the forms... no income limits
Simple online bookkeeping software
Simple and free online bookkeeping software
Online accounting for small business
Simple online bookkeeping software
Online bookkeeping software for small businesses - track sales and expenses, pay estimated taxes on time at
10 Essential Money Skills for a Bad Economy | Zen Habits
When it comes to money, the best defense is a good offense. The best way to avoid fallout from the national economy is to take control of your personal economy. By developing smart financial habits, you can remain calm even in the midst of a financial crisis. (Well, mostly calm, anyhow.)
Compare and discuss the %age budget breakdowns.
JD, writing at Zen Habits.
25 Useful Financial Rules of Thumb ∞ Get Rich Slowly
terest rates have dropped by 1% from your current mortgage. As always, use t
Get Rich Slowly — recently named most inspiring money blog by Money magazine — is devoted to sensible personal finance. You will not find any get-rich-quick schemes here. Nor will you find multi-level marketing fads or hot stock tips. I am not pitching any product or book. Instead, you’ll find daily information about personal finance and related topics. I share stories about debt elimination, saving money, and practical investing. I also post occasional reviews of books, magazines, and software. And, of course, I scour the web for the latest personal finance tools and articles. Please note that I am not a financial professional. I’m just an average guy who found himself deep in debt. When it finally became too overwhelming, I began reading personal finance books, hoping to find answers. I wanted swift solutions to my problems. My research revealed that few people get rich quickly, but almost anyone can get rich slowly by patiently following some simple rules.
Saving Money: 112 Ways To Save Money
Ten lessons in bootstrapping from the founders of Urbanspoon - TechFlash: Seattle's Technology News Source
No time for pri-twos. In project parlance, a "pri-one" is a work item that is essential to the success of the project. Bootstrapped companies don't have any pri-twos. Once you determine that a task is a pri-two, forget about it forever. Sadly, this is why Urbanspoon still doesn't have "hours of operation" for our restaurants.
The Lazy Way to Investment Success * Get Rich Slowly
While researching investment strategies for my retirement savings, I’ve been reading a lot of books. There are hundreds of authors offering thousands of tips for turning a small pile of gold into a big pile of gold. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whose advice to heed. To be honest, I find the simplest investment strategies most appealing. I just finished reading Paul Farrell’s The Lazy Person’s Guide to Investing, for example, and I found myself drawn to the “lazy portfolios” he describes. Lazy portfolios are collections of index funds. Because these portfolios are balanced — they contain stocks and bonds — they mitigate risk while providing excellent returns. Best of all, they take very little time to maintain. Reminder: An index fund is a low-cost mutual fund designed to mimic the movement of a specific market index. A Vanguard 500 index fund (like VFINX), for example, tracks the performance of the S&P 500. The chief virtue of index funds is that, over the long-term, they deliver
Why I Love the Roth IRA * Get Rich Slowly
An Introduction to Life Insurance ∞ Get Rich Slowly
Protecting your family from financial disasters is one of the fundamental components of financial planning. Life insurance should be a core part of that planning process. This article is a basic primer on life insurance, which should introduce you to the concept and give you an idea of how life insurance works.
This article is a basic primer on life insurance, which should introduce you to the concept and give you an idea of how life insurance works.
The Simple Dollar » The First Steps Away from Paycheck-to-Paycheck Living
Out of all of the blessings that have come into my life over the last two and a half years or so (a new home, my daughter, financial recovery, a new career, a lot of wonderful readers), the one that has truly helped me to sleep better at night is the move away from living paycheck to paycheck.
facts about the current economy.
Erik A. Dewey
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In a nutshell, it is a notebook filled with all of the information anyone could possibly need to know about you. The idea is that in our lives we have countless things that we are involved in. On rare occasions, other people need this information and no one knows how to get it. That's where the Big Book comes in. By filling this out and keep current, you can simply the effort others have to take on your behalf.
a free PDF or Excel spreadsheet to help collect all the bits of information you might need if you get amnesia or your family would need if you get hit by a bus
Credit Card Repayment Calculator
calculate how long you'll be in credit card debt, from board of governors of federal reserve system
from the Federal Reserve
Free Money Finance: Life or Debt? 41 Financial Calculators for Major Life Decisions
Furniture Shopping Secrets: How to Tell Superior from Shoddy * Get Rich Slowly
20-ways-to-waste-your-money.html: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
ck or two here and there may not seem like a big deal. But if you're frequenting ATMs outside your bank's network
FindABetterBank - A free, unbiased tool to compare banks in the US
The Simple Dollar » Seven Ways I Use Evernote to Improve My Finances
Over the past several months, I’ve gradually come to use Evernote for all kinds of tasks, from managing my writing to jotting down grocery ideas to drafting articles. It’s free and it’s become my single most used application on every computer I use – my Mac (where I do most of my work), my laptop (remember the frugal laptop? I’m still using it!), and even my iPod Touch, which is constantly in my pocket. A big nod to Manny, a long-time Simple Dollar reader who introduced me to Evernote (see comment #5 on that thread).
Snowflaking - A Primer | I've Paid For This Twice Already...
win-at-the-credit-scoring-game.html: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
Winning at the Credit Score Game
Money: Track Your Spending with Gmail and Google Docs
Budget Your Trip: Travel Costs for a Round the World Trip or Weekend Vacation
Estimate travel costs by country, city, and category. Use the Estimate Trip Costs search form to plan your expenses, or browse the list of countries. The trip expenses entered by other travelers help us calculate daily averages by location and category.
Recommended by Lifehacker
Track Find out how you spent your money with charts, tables, categories, and daily averages. Sign Up and start a trip to find out how easy it can be.
Taxes | Tools & Calculators - Easy-to-use tax withholding calculator -
Easy-to-Use Tax Withholding Calculator
Kiplinger's Easy-to-use tax withholding calculator. Why let the IRS hold your money interest-free? Use our calculator to see how much you can add to your paycheck...starting next pay day.
31 Steps to a Financial Tuneup - Interactive Feature -
Lifehacker - PocketSmith Forecasts Your Financial Future - Personal Finance
A Simple Way to Become Wealthy - Yahoo! Finance
RT @draenews: Del A Simple Way to Become Wealthy - Yahoo! Finance:
"I gave excuses why I couldn't invest and then he said something that changed my thinking: saving and investing isn't hard. You just have to treat it like a bill. 'To max out your Roth IRA, divide by 12 and send that amount each month. Even easier, go to the finance office and set up an automatic allotment from your paycheck, and YOU'LL NEVER THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN.' [Perfect!] It's not that I didn't have enough money to invest. I just wasn't prioritizing how I used it. This forced me to make it part of my budget. That 15 minute conversation changed my life and might just make me a millionaire. Three reasons you should consider automatic investing. 1. It's easy. No remembering. Set it up once, and it gets done. 2. There's no emotional barrier. It's difficult to write a check each month when you have current wants. This helps you stick to long term plans. 3. You don't try to time the market. For the average investor, dollar cost averaging is best.
My first real job was as a junior enlisted member of the United States Air Force. I had great benefits, but as a low ranking
A Simple Way to Become Wealthy
Penny Stock Technical Indicators
For Micro Workers
Why You Should Trade Penny Stocks
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