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How To Convert Any Video File Format Under Linux |

Daring Fireball: Creating Ogg Theora Files on Mac OS X With ffmpeg2theora
According to Daring Fireball ffmpeg2theora is the one tool that simply just works for transcoding video to Ogg Theora.
"ffmpeg2theora is the one tool I found that simply just works for transcoding to Ogg Theora. The downside to ffmpeg2theora is that it’s only available as a command-line tool." [another conversion tool here:]
Useful and easy command line tool for converting M4Vs
FFmpeg made easy | TuxRadar
Various example ffmpeg commands
movist - Project Hosting on Google Code
Similar to VLC. Might play .mov files better.
great video player
Movie Player for Mac OS X based on QuickTime & FFmpeg.
F/OSS video player for Mac. Competition for VLC