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Project Tuva: Enhanced Video Player Home - Microsoft Research

Classic lectures on physics. Bill Gates funded. Now available for free with captions, notes, etc.
The Messenger Series - Microsoft Research
Feynman lectures series at Microsoft's Project Tuva
Richard Feynman lectures
Richard Feynman, the Challenger Disaster, and Software Engineering : Gustavo Duarte
argues that the process of requirements elicitation as project definition are secondary to the process of creation,testing and learning about nature.
What I cannot create I do not understand. --- Learn how to solve every problem that have been solved. --------- 1) The Space Shuttle Main Engine... many different kinds of flaws and difficulties have turned up. Because, unfortunately, it was built in the top-down manner, they are difficult to find and fix. 2) avionics system, which was done by a different group at NASA: The software is checked very carefully in a bottom-up fashion. First, each new line of code is checked, then sections of code or modules with special functions are verified.
"Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!"
so this is one of my FAVORITE BOOKS OF ALL TIME!! and now lots of the stories are up right here :D :D :D
From "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!", the kind of advice that saves you a lifetime of figuring it out by yourself
hey're not going to give you a goddamn thing; I'm not going to be a gentleman to such worthless bitches, and so on. I learned it till it was automatic.
Round Manhole Covers, or: If Richard Feynman applied for a job at Microsoft ::
Richard Feynman
"Why are manhole covers round" is one of the eternal questions in job interviews, and so it seems to be at Microsoft. The desired and politically correct answer to the question is: "Manhole covers are round because round is the only shape that can never fall into the manhole and hurt someone (with the hole of the same shape, but slightly smaller size than the cover)". And the answer is wrong. Let's ask Mr Feynman: