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Favicon Generator

Upload an image (GIF, JPEG or PNG) and convert it to a Windows favicon (.ico).
Favicon Editor
favicon generator
Mindzilla :: Icon Grabber
Descarga el favicon de la página que uno especifica
Instructions: Enter a URI and select an image format. The URI can be a domain name or the URI of a specific web page. Press the Grab It! button to get the shortcut icon for that page or site. If the image is displayed in the Grabbed Icon area, save the image. (With our browsers, we can right-click the image and select "Save Picture As..." or "Save Image As...".) If there is a problem grabbing the icon, you will see the "Error!" image in place of the icon. If you have any suggestions, let us know.
First subpixel typeface, ever | Typophile
For favicon haiku
"It has x-height of 3 pixels, it is italic, inspired by old masters and most important – made by hand." So tiny! Redukto would love it.
Modern pixel art //case: YouTube | Typophile
Sub Pixel Rendering
SitePoint » 88 Outstanding Favicons and 6 Resources to Help You Create Your Own
beware - immediately wants you to do a survey
Favicons have become a standard element in web design, and they can have a tremendous impact on brand recognition (see Matt Magain’s post, “Google Changes Favicon, Challenges You To Do Better“). If you’re not used to designing for a tiny area (just 16×16 pixels), it can be very difficult to create a distinguishable company-specific or site-branded favicon. And depending on the logo, colors, words, etc. that you’re working with, it can be a challenge to create one that actually looks good.
10 générateurs de backgrounds et favicons | Presse-Citron
10 générateurs de backgrounds et favicons | Presse-Citron -
50 Fantastic Favicons: Episode 9 - Smashing Magazine
50 Fantastic Favicons: Episode 9 - Smashing Magazine -
すてきなFavicon いろいろ。