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A Designer Takes on His Biggest Challenge Ever | Fast Company

"We moved from thinking of ourselves as designers to thinking of ourselves as design thinkers. We have a methodology that enables us to come up with a solution that nobody has before." -- David Kelley
bio of IDEO's David Kelley. IDEO is a creative design and technology firm, an inspiration.
Ideo CEO David Kelley talks about evolving Ideo from a design firm to a "design thinking" firm.
How Chris Hughes Helped Launch Facebook and the Barack Obama Campaign | Fast Company
How Chris Hughes, 25, Helped Launch Facebook and the Barack Obama Campaign [from]
Great article on building and working with online communities
Three Secrets to Make a Message Go Viral | Fast Company
How to make a story work for you
Why is the gang-initiation tale so irresistible to pass on? Notice a few things about the idea. It's emotional -- in fact, if you believe it, it's terrifying. The French psychologist Bernard Rimé has found that people almost compulsively share emotional experiences (both positive and negative), and the more intense the emotion, the more likely they are to talk about it. There's another emotional angle: When someone shares this legend with you, they feel like they're doing a public service. They might believe they're saving your life. And that's the second trait of viral ideas. It's often a small favor: "Hey, it's Free Breakfast Day at Denny's!" or "Dude, have you seen the video of that David kid who was drugged up after his dentist visit?" It feels good to save our friends money, or del
100 Most Creative People in Business | Fast Company
business innovation
AR Rahman ranked 47th !
News Flash From the Future: What Will Journalism Look Like? | Fast Company
What will journalism look like?
Feed your mind: This highly contextual network can provide real-time information from countless feeds and filters. A far cry from today's mobile RSS feeds, the network lets you blog live, trace a history, find a clue, follow a trail, or even uncover a mystery. Screen capture: Your video-enabled mobile device will become an enhanced lens on the world, thanks to a combination of high bandwidth, location-specific information, tremendous processing power, and ultrasmart image processing.whatsoldisnew What's old is new: Depending on your interests, you'll be able to browse through various histories of wherever you find yourself. How did this street look on VJ Day? When was the last time Radiohead played down the road?
With newspapers’ traditional business model in free fall, the top media minds at global design firm IDEO (designer of the Apple mouse, consultant to Fortune 500 companies) were asked to imagine: How will we get our news after the traditional model falls apart? Here's their answer.
Amazon Taps Its Inner Apple | Fast Company
Penenberg, Adam (Fast Company, Julio 2009)
Amazon aims to disintermediate publishers by working directly w/ authors
Most Innovative Companies | The Fast Company Blog | Fast Company
Even in these tough times, surprising and extraordinary efforts are under way in businesses across the globe. From politics to technology, energy, and transportation; from marketing to retail, health care, and design, each company on the following pages illustrates the power and potential of innovative ideas and creative execution.
Ten Things to Demand From Design Thinkers | Design Finds You | Fast Company
Ten Things to Demand From Design Thinkers
Design thinking starts with empathy and perception around what people actually need and do, as opposed to what they say they want. This, in turn, mandates new processes for evaluation and new metrics for measurement. It may even require the courage to make decisions that run counter to metrics. That's the decision Herman Miller designers faced when focus groups told them that people thought the first Aeron chair would be a failure.
Required Reading for Interactive Designers | Design & Innovation | Fast Company
Looks like a useful reading list for interaction design.
Required reading list for MFA interaction-design program @ School of Visual Arts, in New York
Thu Feb 12, 2009 at 9:13 AM | Fast Company |BY Cliff Kuang
Good list... need to read a few on here
Five Steps for Consumer Brands to Earn Social Currency | Fast Company
Five Steps for Consumer Brands to Earn Social Currency