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1000 novels everyone must read: Science Fiction & Fantasy (part one) | Books | The Guardian

William Golding: Lord of the Flies (1954)
Suvudu Free Book Library - Suvudu - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Movies, and Games
Welcome to the Suvudu Free Book Library. We know it can be hard to navigate the countless fantasy and science fiction series out there and figure out which ones are right for you. Well, we're here to make those tough decisions a bit easier on you. With the Suvudu Free Book Library, you can read the first book in some of our most acclaimed series absolutely free! We're kicking off the library with five full-length novels for you to sample, but we'll be adding new titles on a regular basis, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you're the first to find out what our newest free offerings are! Enough of the intro -- start downloading, and start reading! To receive monthly updates about new books that we are adding to the Suvudu Free Book Library, and other news about our books, sign up for the Del Rey Internet Newsletter.
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Suvudu Free Book Library - Suvudu - Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Movies, and Games Suvudu ebooks ebook scifi library sf
Catherynne M. Valente: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland
A free online novel by Catherynne M. Valente, powered by donations.
Every Monday a new chapter is uploaded so the adventure can continue.
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25 Various Styles of The Wizard of Oz Illustrations | The Design Inspiration
ótimo material de character design
50 Imaginative Fantasy Art Tutorials for Photoshop : Speckyboy Design Magazine
Dark Roasted Blend: Unusual and Marvelous Maps
mapas map maps
"Hideous monsters devouring ships? Old map symbols, correctly showing storm fronts
Cartographers' Guild - Powered by vBulletin
map making
Fun with maps. Somewhere on it a useful discussion about building your own fantasy/alien world maps can be found, I have been told.
People who draw maps. :)
Wondermark » Archive » #566; Supernatural Collective Nouns.
A racket of banshees. A congress of ghosts... (h/t TNH)
A vexation of zombies.
In Which We Count Down The 100 Greatest Science Fiction or Fantasy Novels of All Time - Home - This Recording
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Locus Online: 2008 Recommended Reading List
sci-fi novel tips from editors and reviewers of major magazine
This recommended reading list is a consensus by Locus editors and reviewers with input from outside reviewers, other professionals, and other lists. Essays by many of these contributors are published in the February issue. The list is divided into SF novels, fantasy novels, first novels, YA books, collections, anthologies (original, reprints, and best of the year), nonfiction, art books, novellas, novelettes, and short stories....
The Pleasures of Imagination - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
This made me wonder if story telling (or writing) is just helping others get as much out of your imagination as you do.
Our main leisure activity is, by a long shot, participating in experiences that we know are not real. When we are free to do whatever we want, we retreat to the imagination—to worlds created by others, as with books, movies, video games, and television (over four hours a day for the average American), or to worlds we ourselves create, as when daydreaming and fantasizing. The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Beliefs are attitudes that we hold in response to how things are. Aliefs are more primitive. They are responses to how things seem. In the above example, people have beliefs that tell them they are safe, but they have aliefs that tell them they are in danger."
"First, fictional people tend to be wittier and more clever than friends and family, and their adventures are usually much more interesting. I have contact with the lives of people around me, but this is a small slice of humanity, and perhaps not the most interesting slice. My real world doesn't include an emotionally wounded cop tracking down a serial killer, a hooker with a heart of gold, or a wisecracking vampire. As best I know, none of my friends has killed his father and married his mother. But I can meet all of those people in imaginary worlds."
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