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HOW TO: Set Up a Winning Facebook Fan Page
8 Tips For Getting Your Fan Page Found In Facebook Search

8 consigli su come rendere visibile la tua pagina su facebook
Have a Facebook page or creating a new one? Do yourself a favor and be proactive in setting your page up, so users can find you when they are looking. Too
Whether you are setting up your first page, or tweaking an old one, the following tips can help you rise to the top of the search results.
Might be useful in helping Holly get known
A list of 8 tips for optimizing one's Facebook Fan Page for Facebook Search. As featured on Search Engine Land.
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How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page » Techipedia | Tamar Weinberg
» Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages - PHP, Web and IT stuff
» Google Analytics for Facebook Fan Pages - PHP, Web and IT stuff
Google analytics about Facebook Fan Pages
We launched our Facebook fan page earlier this month and as with all Facebook pages only Facebook Insights program is available to page administrators.
How to Build Engaging One-of-Kind Facebook Fan Pages
How to build engaging Facebook fan pages
Techcrunch article on how to personalize your facebook fan pages
How to Create a Facebook Fan Page Editorial Guide | Social Media Examiner
Artículo que explica cómo crear una página de facebook. Muy interesante
21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase | Social Media Examiner
Really great list to make tweaks to a Facebook fan page from @marismith
Become a Fan of Facebook Pages With a Text Message
Use SMS to become a Fan on Facebook.
Också en bra funktion – att man kan sms-a för att bli ett fan av en FB-sida. Sånt som vi kan ha nytta av när vi försöker branda våra tidningar – i själva tidningen. Men också som en del av våra försök att ge annonsörer bättre erbjudanden – vi kanske ska skapa dessa FB-sidor som en del av ett stort annonspaket och sköta om deras sidor.
9 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page | Social Media Examiner
9 ways to customize your Facebook fan page with static fbml and improve your business branding.
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How Much Is a Facebook Fan Really Worth?
cuanto cuesta un fan en facebook
Calculan que el fan en Facebook vale 136,38 dólares (Gigaom) – Evento Blog España (eventoblog)
Facebook Fans Spend More Money [STUDY]
A social media marketing company called Syncapse surveyed 4,000 people who've Liked brands on Facebook and figured out how valuable those fans are.
Facebook Fans Spend More Money [STUDY]
The study (“The Value of a Facebook Fan: An Empirical Review”) estimates that someone who has Liked a brand will spend an average of $71.84 more each year on that brand’s products or services than will someone who has not Liked it on Facebook, for a total average annualized value of $136.38.
Designing a Facebook landing page: 12 of the best! - Web Design Blog –
Designing a Facebook landing page: 12 of the best!