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passt irgendwie gerade zum aktuellen tv-geschehen....
Who'd work in rolling news, eh?
<grelli> bwahahaha:
"People have gathered where we are pointing our cameras."
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Anton LaVey
Pattie Boyd
Shedding Bikes: Programming Culture And Philosophy
I could hack on projects like this and nobody would care at all because I'm a famous programmer, and there is no such thing as famous programmers. I don't exist. I'm an enigma.
2010-06-20 14:47:48 <Acropolis>
There Are No Famous Programmers: via @dandean - wow #yam #dev #fame #philosophy
Let me tell you about this cool new web server. I figured out how to merge the ZeroMQ event polling system with the libtask coroutine library so that you can use libtask to handle tons of TCP/UDP and ZeroMQ sockets in a single thread. I then took this very cool hack, and started building a web server using my Mongrel HTTP parser, but I modified the parser so that the same server on the same port can handle HTTP or Flash XMLSockets transparently. The next step is to get this server to route HTTP and XMLSocket JSON messages to arbitrary ZeroMQ backends. I was inspired by this so much that I registered and may try to bring it back. Not sure how or when though.