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Essential Guide To Regular Expressions: Tools and Tutorials | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine

Regular expressions are an essential part of any programmer’s toolkit. They can be very handy when you need to identify, replace or modify text, words,
Essential Guide To Regular Expressions: Tools and Tutorials
Breaking It Down: Regular Expressions -
Nice regex recap
In the Woods - Regular Expressions for Dummies
Massive Regular Expressions Toolbox | tripwire magazine
regular expression tutorial
I hate regular expressions almost as much as I rely on them. If you're a noob (or a seasoned, scarred victim like me), there's much to find useful here.
Regular expressions (”regex’s” for short) are sets of symbols and syntactic elements used to match patterns of text and they are pretty powerful. Regular expressions have been around for a very long time (in computer industry scale) and was first introduced as part of the powerful UNIX search tool grep.
Getting Started with PHP Regular Expressions
Getting Started with PHP Regular Expressions
BBC NEWS | Science & Environment | Facial expressions 'not global'
A new study suggests that people from different cultures might read facial expressions differently.
A new study suggests that people from different cultures read facial expressions differently. East Asian participants in the study focused mostly on the eyes, but those from the West scanned the whole face. In the research carried out by a team from Glasgow University, East Asian observers found it more difficult to distinguish some facial expressions.
HMS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, EMOTIONS As I was reading Lewis, et al., I remembered this recent study report on facial expressions. This study directly refutes the claims of Ekman reported on pp 39-40 and points up a bias in the Lewis text against cultural explanations. Obviously as an anthropologist, I am not sympathetic to a pure biology approach to love, but I still find Lewis et al. compelling. Does it matter than one small piece of their evidence has been proven empirically to be false?
Cool Illustrated Facial Expressions | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials
Expresiones faciales
Learn the Basics of Regular Expression Searches - Search Operators - Lifehacker
txt2re: headache relief for programmers :: regular expression generator!%22&
regular expression generator. Because sometimes it's just not fun to come up with them from scratch ;-)
You Don’t Know Anything About Regular Expressions: A Complete Guide - Nettuts+
Regular expressions can be scary...really scary. Fortunately, once you memorize what each symbol represents, the fear quickly subsides. If you fit the title
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CheatSheet de expresiones regulares