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BLDGBLOG: Evil Lair: On the Architecture of the Enemy in Videogame Worlds

Jim Rossignol on the villains lair (nice HL2 and Shadow of the Colossus refs)
Game developers are unconstrained in their designs for the enemy. Such designers will be punished with poor sales, not death in the gulag, if their designs for the overlord are unpopular. They could go anywhere with the homes of evildoers: halls of electric fluorescence, palaces carved from corduroy, suburban back yards.
Slash7 with Amy Hoy - Google is Evil, Worse than PayPal: Don't use Google Checkout for your business
So, to sum up our experience with Google Checkout: they did not try to contact us to resolve any issue; there’s no way to find out why they closed our account, due to “security reasons”; there was no notice (we found out by accident, when we tried to pay for something with Google Checkout); they kept over $200 of our money; there is no appeal; there is no one we can contact; we cannot open a new account; our money is gone, even though people have received their products.