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A site where doctors can ask questions. Since 1997 the basic principle has been the same - clinicians contact us, we rapidly search the evidence, appraise and summarise onto a side of A4 and then fax it back to the clinician - within 6 hours if necessary. In order to meet this timescale certain shortcuts need to be made. As a result we do not claim to produce systematic reviews (in the EBM sense) for each answer - we basically do what we can within the timescale 'given' to us by the clinicians.
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Bits of Evidence
What we actually know about software development, and why we believe it’s true.
Several useful statistics on what drives programmer performance and causes software projects to fail.
Forensics Myths Debunked - The Truth Behind Real CSI Evidence - Popular Mechanics
The Truth Behind Real CSI Evidence - Popular Mechanics
As DNA testing has made it possible to re-examine biological evidence from past trials, more than 200 people have had their convictions overturned. In approximately 50 percent of those cases, bad forensic analysis contributed to their imprisonment.
Forensic science was not developed by scientists. It was mostly created by cops, who were guided by little more than common sense. And as hundreds of criminal cases begin to unravel, many established forensic practices are coming under fire. PM takes an in-depth look at the shaky science that has put innocent people behind bars.