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Ballpark: The better way to send invoices and estimates.

good UI for inline video
Nice and clean interface (of the gazillionst invoice app)
The easy way to send estimates.
Never Trust a Programmer « Digital Interaction
Trust your programmers. They are not only engineers and craftsmen, but businessmen as well. They will know from experience what happens to client relationships when someone makes promises no one can keep.
Programming is a bit of mystery to people. It breeds a lot of distrust in an organization.
Actually the conclusion is 'Trust your programmers' just in case you were wondering
Code is invisible to everyone but the programmer. It’s like the magic that takes place behind the curtain. Any team has to just trust a programmer about what is and what isn’t doable. The best course of action, estimates, and progress updates are all subject to the programmer’s opinion. There’s plenty of Type A personalities that have trouble with this, but it goes deeper.