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Featured Windows Download: Enigma Desktop Customization Update Now Available
Downloads: Enigma Desktop 2.0 Released, Adds Installer, Widget Manager, and Templates

Article explaining how to install the Enigma desktop
Reader Kaelri, well-known for his killer Enigma desktop, has released a new version complete with an installer—making this amazing desktop customization easy enough for anybody to install. The latest update includes features geared at beginners—the new welcome dialog in the middle of the screenshot adds widgets to your desktop which can be easily dragged around the screen—making customizations easier than ever. The full list of new features includes: Enigma ported to Linux
Enigma ported to Linux Inspired by the wonderful Enigma desktop by Kaelri, featured at Lifehacker, I decided to port at least some of the beautiful design to my Linux desktop.
Rainmeter 1.0 Brings the Enigma Desktop to Everyone - Desktop - Lifehacker