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CSS3 + Progressive Enhancement = Smart Design • Perishable Press

article about progressive enhancement using css3 colours could be used for anna's website
covers Multiple Backgrounds, Background Sizing, Border Images, Rounded Corners, Drop Shadows, Text Shadows, Alternate Row Styles, Opacity & Transparency, Custom Fonts, Custom Text-Highlight Styles, Multi-Column Content Display, Box Sizing, RGBa Colors and Transparency, Word Wrap, Resizable Elements, CSS Transitions, CSS Color Gradients, Rotating Elements
Introducing EnhanceJS: A smarter, safer way to apply progressive enhancement | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
Introducing EnhanceJS, a JavaScript framework designed specifically to deliver a usable experience to the widest possible audience, by testing the browser to determine whether it is capable of correctly supporting a range of essential CSS and JavaScript properties, and delivering features only to those that pass the test.