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Emotional Interface Design: The Gateway to Passionate Users | Carsonified

Nice piece detailing the importance of emotional design in interface design.
Emotional Interface Design: The Gateway to Passionate Users
We’re changing. Our relationships online and in real life are shifting as we become more public with our private lives. Online social networks have helped our real world social networks transcend time and space making it easy (and seemingly essential) to share the triumphs, tragedies, and trite moments of life. No longer do you simply tell your best friend that you’ve broken up with your boyfriend. It feels natural to many people to tell hundreds of Twitter followers, and Facebook friends. No matter how you feel about the appropriateness of over sharing, the shift towards a public private life is changing our expectations of the relationships we create online. Remember the websites of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s that used formal language to create a professional, guarded persona and brand? The trend was towards the serious, because it seemed like you couldn’t land clients or entice new users if you weren’t stuffy.