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Embedr - Create Video Playlists and Embed Them Anywhere

Free service that lets anyone create a custom playlist of videos from the top video sites on the web.
Embedr is a free service that lets anyone create a custom playlist of web-based videos and play them anywhere.
Crap name, but interesting service
Tweetmeme - Hottest Stories on Twitter
A retweet button for blogs.
10 Youtube URL Tricks You Should Know About |
Demo jPlayer 0.2.1 : jQuery mp3 player plugin
jQuery audio player
Best Embeds for Educational Wikis and Blogs | Making Teachers Nerdy
Web 2.0 apps
good list for a fancy website
How to Download Embedded Flash Files using your Browser
How to Download Embedded Flash Files using your Browser
Fonts available for @font-face embedding -
The website dedicated to webfonts & @font-face embedding
10 Easy To Implement Flash Based Mp3 Players For Your Website
Web Design Booth puts out articles like this all the time. Gets lots of traffic. Its a WordPress blog put out by Dickey, a young Malaysian .net programmer. Professionals might think 'aye, right, very nice' but for anyone else with a website its worth a look.
Designing Tweets: How To Integrate Twitter Into Your Website
SitePoint Blogs: News, opinion, and fresh thinking for web developers and designers
Embeddable Google Document Viewer
"Google Docs offers an undocumented feature that lets you embed PDF files and PowerPoint presentations in a web page. The files don't have to be uploaded to Google Docs, but they need to be available online". Works for PDF or PPT files.
Facebook Fan Boxes: Embeddable Facebook Pages
From - The latest: Facebook Fan Boxes, which lets Facebook Page admins embed the latest activity from their Page on their own website. Page admins will now see an “Add Fan Box to your site” link under the logo of their page. From there, they can cut and paste the code into their website, which will then display a widget containing that page’s latest updates, and optionally, pictures of fans. Additionally, Facebook users can become a fan of a Page right from the website the Box is embedded on.
Google Docs - Viewer
Good app.
Allows you to view documents online without leaving the browser.
Embed code for google docs - would be helpful if using that instead of ipaper...
Use Google Docs to quickly view documents online without leaving your browser.
Flash HTML設定のまとめ | エントリー | _level0.KAYAC
Becoming a Font Embedding Master -
Great example of using @font-face.
Nice techniques for embedding user fonts on webpages. Breaks out of the limited font constraints.
Font embedding in all modern browsers using @font-face
10 wonderful fonts you can embed with Cufon and Sifr
Get a free poll for your website -
Vorbeo is a free service for creating polls for your blog or website. To use Vorbeo just type your question, enter your answer choices, select a background color, and specify the width of your polling widget. Then copy the embed code provided by Vorbeo and paste it into the html editor of your blog or website. Applications for Education Simple polls like those possible with Vorbeo can be useful for collecting informal feedback from your students. I like to run polls on my course blog about a week before a test. I use these polls to gauge how my students are feeling about the course content and what we may need to spend more time studying.
Web Typography: Font Embedding Services « Noupe
There are a lot of options out there for using other-than-websafe fonts in your website designs. Dynamic text replacement methods or resorting to very long fontstacks (where most of your visitors won’t see the font you wanted anyway) have long been the standard for using anything other than websafe fonts. But the @font-face function changes all that. With most major, modern browsers now compatible with it, services are cropping up all over for providing the fonts you want to embed on your site without eating up your bandwidth and server space. One of the biggest hurdles these services help to overcome is the licensing issues related to embedding certain fonts on your website. While many fonts (especially open source fonts) have licenses that allow for embedding, others strictly prohibit it. Webfont services work with the type foundries to provide fonts for embedding while also providing the security that foundries insist upon. Currently, there are four such services available, thoug
Novel Games - Flash Game Linking Codes
link these games to a website or blog
You can link to our flash games from your web site for FREE. We offer 3 ways for you to link to our games: Ordinary Link , Pop Up , Embedded Game , HTML codes will be provided for all these 3 ways so that you can simply copy and paste the codes into your HTML pages.You must not embed more than one game on the same page (if you use Embedded Game) Most of the games are simple logic games, basic mathematics games, and spelling games like hangman. Novel Games also offers Sudoku and Mahjongg games.
You can link to our flash games from your web site for FREE. We offer 3 ways for you to link to our games: Ordinary Link Pop Up Embedded Game
html5media - Project Hosting on Google Code
Enables <video> tags in all major browsers.
Currently using Mark Pilgrim\'s solution. This looks nigh-identical but worth comparing.
10 handige YouTube URL trucs en hacks die je moet weten · Marketingfacts
10 handige YouTube URL trucs en hacks die je moet weten. YouTube, wie is er niet groot mee geworden? Het is nog steeds de grootste en populairste inte
"YouTube URL trucs"
ouTube, wie is er niet groot mee geworden? Het is nog steeds de grootste en populairste internetvideo website van het internet zowel in Nederland als internationaal. Maar wist je dat je behalve video’s zoeken en kijken nog veel meer met de URL’s kan doen? Hieronder staan 10 handige URL trucjes die handig zijn om te weten. Van het aanzetten van hogere kwaliteit tot direct linken naar een locatie in de video. Van het automatisch afspelen van een embedded video tot het downloaden van YouTube-filmpjes.
TALKI - The easiest way to embed a forum #fhuedu642
the easiest way to embed a forum provides a great way to add a discussion forum to your classroom blog or website. Use to provide your students with a place to ask you questions. Or use as a place for students to ask each other homework help questions, essentially turning your forum into a student-run homework help center.
Your forum will be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other services so members can skip registration.
Blackbird Pie – Twitter Media
Ich glaube, da mach ich lieber einen Screenshot. HOW TO: Embed a Tweet -->
RT @jemimakiss: And here' it is: Twitter's 'Blackbird Pie" tool.
Serviço que transforma uma mensagem do Twitter (um tweet) em código HTML, facilitando assim a sua citação em páginas e posts.
Embed Videos In Your Web Pages Using HTML5 | Webmonkey |
Do you want to use some HTML5 video tags on your site right now? No problem. Fasten your seat belts, as we’re about to take a tour of the wonderful world of HTML5 video.
from webmonkey
MAKE: Blog: Embed high-res Youtube videos
Making a link to Youtube Hi Res
Back in march, it was discovered that when you view a video directly on Youtube, you could add a "&fmt=18" to the URL to enable a higher quality, higher resolution stream which is encoded with the H.264 codec. To make this work in an embedded video, however, you need a slightly different hack. After pasting the embed code into a blog post, adjust the two video URLs (one in a param tag and one as the src parameter in the embed tag) by adding "&ap=%2526fmt%3D18" to the end.
Embed high-res Youtube videos