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Girlfriend Doesn't Realize Boyfriend is on Vacation - CollegeHumor video

"Sorry I didn't return your calls, honey. I was in Europe. What's your excuse for being a bitch?"
This self-obsessive girl failed to listen to her boyfriend tell her many, many times that he was soon to go off travelling around Europe. When he leaves and therefore can't reply to her emails, she starts up a hilariously tragic and mildly twisted semi-monologue as this over-zealous nut job fears the worst for her 'relationship'.
How To Send Completely Anonymous Emails
Have you ever had the need to send completely anonymous emails to someone? Perhaps you were trying to prank one of your friends, or wanted to shyly declare your
Exclusive: Read e-mails between Sanford, woman - Sanford - The State
e-mails from Sanford to Maria
Sanford-Maria love letters
Exclusive: Read e-mails between Sanford, woman
cartas del Gob de Carolina a su amante argentina
Wow, he seems to be a romantic guy. I have just heard the excerpts of the emails so far. He is goes. Governor Mark sanford is indeed very romantic and I wish they tap the emails like this in India too. More steaming stories will be there for you then.
E-mails, obtained by The State newspaper in December, between Gov. Mark Sanford and Maria, a woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the time, efforts to authenticate the e-mails were unsuccessful. However, Sanford’s office Wednesday did not dispute their authenticity. The State has removed the woman’s full name and other personal details, including her street address, e-mail address and children’s names.